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  1. Have been talking about doing the BCC for a while, time to get my feet wet. Went with two smaller birds. Rubbed one with plow boys yardbird, the other with McCormick chicken rub. I saw someone who plugged the neck hole with onion, to add flavor and try to trap more steam which sounds reasonable so I went with it. struggling to post pics but when I figure it out I will put them up.
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  2. Yes you can call me a redneck for using keystone but from what I hear it doesn't make much of a difference what beer you use so I will keep the good stuff for drinking. Had a curveball thrown at me when using the plate setter and grate combo didn't allow the lid to close on the BGE 😱. So I removed the grate and set directly on the base of plate setter. Egg has settled in nicely at 325. Time to kick back and enjoy the sun and cold beer!
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    Lookin good !
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    Looks like there happy birds!
  5. What temp would you all recommend pulling them at? 170?? Just checked at one hour and was at around 115.
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    165 is done. I like to cook a little longer than some people.

    170 in the dark meat is good.
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    I'm with farmer. Just like he said. My favorite part is the dark meat so I want it perfect. you can always put a foil shirt on them if the breasts are getting done faster than the thighs legs etc...
  8. I love my wife to death but I think she thinks smoking is an exact science. I am in charge of the main course and she does the sides and rarely do we get done at the same time. Oh well!
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    That's a given... always that way here... Birds are looking good ...

  10. All done!! Took just a little over 2 hours. Probably the most moist chicken I've had. If I hadnt quadruple checked the temp I would say it was under cooked. Good flavor but I came up short on the crispy skin. Was pretty rubbery. Will have to put on direct heat at the end next time or something. Wife likes it so I consider that a success.
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    You can get crispy skin or crispier skin anyway if you dry it really really good before you smoke. I let mine sit in the fridge uncovered overnight but some folks use a hair dryer to speed that up. It also helps if you don't use any oil or anything on the bird. At those temps you really should have gotten golden brown crispy skin so that is my only guess. Looks great though and I bet it's damn good yardbird.
  12. Dancing Chickens !!   Looks good, They will be tasty, I do them all the time, Did one Friday

  13. I did use EVOO to get my rub to stick. Also it only sat in the fridge for a couple hours before putting on. I will plan better next time but do you use anything to get rub to stick or just put it on and go with it?
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    I put the rub under the skin. loosen up the skin and work it all over under the skin. Then it sits in the fridge overnight. Dust it right before going in and your good to go.
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    Nice looking! I to use busch light or any old beer for my bcc. I don't let mine out but I do cook fairly hot and am done around hour and half and skins little darker also (might be rub)
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    Guess I'm too late for a plate of the now...[​IMG]
  18. She gone!
  19. I stopped using beer (didn't want to waste any!) because I didn't really think it added any flavor.  I cut open a soda can, fill it half way with water, add a bay leaf and cook to 165F in the breast.  The Boss loves it.
  20. Very good point!!

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