First sausages with the new grinder - 4 types - Boudin, Chorizo, Andouille & fresh

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  1. Thanks! Yeah I was busy but I enjoyed it  [​IMG]
  2. Thank you!
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    Awesome! Looks really good. Where did you get the boudin recipe? I've been wanting to make some for some time now but haven't yet. How does it all taste? 
  4. All that really looks fantastic!!  Great job!!  I have 5 lbs of andouille in the smoker as I type and have also been  thinking of trying to make some boudin.but...  Question: as I never had it before

    When making boudin I know that you boil the meat before stuffing. How do you cook it after it is stuffed?  When cooked,Does it bind and firm up or is it kinda of mushy in the casings??  Thanks
  5. Thanks! I will put the recipe up in a bit. I am happy with how it turned out  [​IMG]
    Thanks! I have steamed the pieces I ate so far but will grill some soon. The pieces I steamed could be stabbed with a fork & eaten that way but they are somewhat delicate & slightly mushy. I think the ones I brown on the grill may firm up somewhat though...
  6. Ok here are the pics


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    Really nice!!!
  8. Thanks man  [​IMG]
  9. Ok here is the rest of the sausage. I had someone coming to buy some lumber so I had to run down to my shop to plane & dimension it & also run off a few pieces of moulding for someone else. I apologize for the delay in updates but I've had a weird schedule lately. Anyway here it is...

    I had a pound of meat left after making the Boudin, Chorizo & Andouille so I decided to make some fresh breakfast sausage. I used the recipe posted on here by Pops. I have made it before & it is some good sausage!  Thanks again for sharing your recipe Pops!

    Here is the meat ready to be mixed.

    This time I mixed up plenty of seasoning to have for future use. That's it in the baggie on the back right in front of the stuffing tube. It will save me some time in the future  [​IMG]

    I had to cook a little bit up right away to eat because this stuff is good  [​IMG]    Notice there is no grease in the skillet?  There is no comparison between this & store bought sausage!

    I have to make a few calls & take an order then I will be back to post my mistakes in case they can help someone...
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    All nicely done and in between actually doing some work.....well played. Chorizo is on my list...looks real good
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    They all look great. I'm interested in how the boudin came out too. I have made some a few times but it was before I had a stuffer. My grinder turned the rice to mush trying to stuff it.

    Since boudin is all cooked, you're just reheating it to eat it. Down here the corner stores keep it steaming in a rice cooker and sell it by the link. It's more of a snack food than a meal type food.
  12. Thanks Willie! I have to juggle things around usually to get everything to work out - doesn't always pan out for me but that's part of the challenge  [​IMG]
  13. Thanks!  The Boudin turned out great - I don't know how I missed taking a pic of it when I was ready to eat it  [​IMG]   Next time I have some I will get a pic up...
  14. Ok here are the mistakes I made during this...

         The very first one was that I underestimated how long this project was going to take. I was off by a considerable amount. If I had only been making one type of sausage things would have went much faster. As it was I had 5 different batches that all had to be mixed separately added on top of the time spent cooking the ingredients for the Boudin.

         The next mistake I made was with the stuffer. It was entirely my fault & made me feel like a real toehead! I looked around for someone to blame but sadly there was only me - story of my life  [​IMG]   I started stuffing the Boudin & made a few links & all of a sudden   [​IMG]   I noticed a LOT of sausage had pushed back past the plunger & was now on top of it. Perfect! So I backed the plunger out & cleaned it off & unscrewed it to check it out. It was at that point that I realized I had put the o-ring back in place upside down after cleaning everything up in preparation for the stuffing.  [​IMG]    [​IMG]    [​IMG]   For those of you that have the style stuffer that uses the strange o-ring shaped like this   I_I    make certain you orient it in the right direction when you put it on! I cleaned the plunger & o-ring back up & put everything back together. I can assure you that this particular mistake WILL NOT happen again!

         The next mistake was not adding lube again before I resumed stuffing. Between the o-ring being upside down & the sausage scraping again as I backed the plunger out it removed the lube quite effectively for me causing the next mistake to be even more pronounced...

         Moving right along now - can you guess what happened next? Well during the time it took me to clean the plunger & o-ring & get everything back together all the rice in the Boudin honored me by absorbing most of the extra moisture in the mix causing it to vehemently object to being pushed out of the stuffer tube. So once again - back the plunger out only this time I got to experience the joy & sheer bliss that can only be had when one gets to dig semi-dry sausage out of their stuffing canister...  Before I did anything else I lubed the canister & o-ring again so that they would be ready. I then added a little water to the sausage & mixed it up & back into the canister. I was finally able to finish stuffing the Boudin. 

         The rest of the sausages went pretty smoothly but I have one more mistake to report & it is by far the worst one of all. I thought I was set but when I went for one I REALIZED WITH TOTAL & ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE HORROR THAT I ONLY HAD 3 BOTTLES OF BEER!!!    [​IMG]    It seems I forgot that a friend had run out the other night & dropped in to buy a case & I hadn't replaced it. Talk about your heartbreaking moments...

    Ok that's it for the mistake segment but there were some good ones!  I hope that by posting them maybe someone else can benefit from my misfortune & save themselves a bit of frustration. I learned a lot during this & I will be making a lot more sausages in the future!  I will be back later with the Boudin recipe...
  15. We've all had those sort of things happen, or worse!!! LOL
    It's inevitable.

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    Bravo! You did a great job.I totaly enjoyed every post. Looking forward to the recipes and more posts. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Yeah I figured (well I hoped I wasn't the only one! [​IMG]  )  I thought maybe if I put up all the mistakes I made it could possibly help someone in the future - If nothing else maybe someone can get a laugh out of it...  [​IMG]
  18. Thanks! I seem to have misplaced the Boudin recipe somehow - it's here floating around somewhere & I WILL track it down. Once I do I will post it...
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    Yikes!!! That's not enough of those to even prep a smoke!!!
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    Jeremy....Now, that story is funny.... Not HaHa funny but, I feel bad for you funny...  Must have made you want to [​IMG]...  

    Way to go.... sticking to it and gettin' 'er done....  All with only 3 beer !!!!!!   You are one, tough dude.... 

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