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  1. eman

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    sardines packed in yellow mustard  on a saltine w/ a splash of Tabasco.
  2. I like the cheap Aldi version of the McRib.
    The cheapest totinos pizza is my favorite, I have 10 in the freezer right now. Thus one is not prepackaged but Iike hamburger with bacon and peanut butter.
  3. vaquero01

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    Where OH Where to Start?

     Let's see, the jar of pickled pigs feet I keep in my under the counter wine bar? How about the Jar of pickled eggs? On a roll here..so let's keep going!! Sweet Sue Chicken and dumplings in a can (found it in college, a perfect pick me up after to much Genny Beer in a bucket) All this is good stuff.....I also keep an old coffee cup of bacon drippings on the back of the stove....drippings go with everything from making the best grilled cheese samwiches (see jalapeno bread recipe) to cooking corned beef hash with two eggs sunny side up on a Sunday Morning.
  4. flyboys

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    Same here. A burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and peanut butter. It's outstanding!
  5. davidhef88

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    Where did you oh to school that you could get Genny beer? Always been a very limited market. I work across the street from the brewery.
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  6. vaquero01

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     I wrestled for them from 84-88. There was a bar on High Street where they sold Beer by the 5 gallon buckets, Genny Beer (not Ale) was the cheapest at the time. Interior was picnic tables, music was awesome, typical jock/sports dive.
  7. davidhef88

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    I was raised on that stuff. Mostly found in NY, PA, OH.
  8. vaquero01

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    I was raised on Pearl and Lonestar.......I understood cheap beers by the time I got up North. Genny fit right in!!!
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  9. I'd have to say potted meat, chilled to almost frozen.  My wife can't stand it that way but I love it!  I have many others, some of which have been mentioned.  My grandmother always made smothered okra.  Absolutely loved it!  Alas, I never got the recipe.  My wife and others have tried to replicate it but to no avail.  It was something very simple but no one has come close.  Of course, can skip calf fries, or Rocky Mountain oysters for the culinary types.  Absolutely love them, too!
  10. venture

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    Heck, we like all kinds of garbage foods.

    Not to give away my age?  I still like a can of Spam a couple times a year.  Cold and greasy?  Hot, salty and greasy?  Who cares?  Never tried smoking it tho?

    For smoking, try a big old chub of cheap bologna.

    Or a simple meatloaf.  Cheating there tho.  Meatloaf is gourmet food, not garbage.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  11. chef jimmyj

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    Ok, just found this. There is a minimum of six cans of SPAM in the pantry at any given time. Eaten as Cold sammies, fried crisp on a Portuguese Roll w/ Ketchup or fried with Craft Mac & Cheese on the side. I am still burping up today's breakfast, a Fried Spam and Onion Omelette with plenty of Hotter Texas Pete. Growing up, Scrambled Eggs, crispy sliced potato Home fries w/Onions and canned Franco American Spaghetti. I have a thick sliced Bologna and fried Onion sandwich weekly. Hormel canned Corned Beef Hash and Poached Eggs is a common breakfast. And my all time Favorite, unfortunately no longer made....Buitoni's Toaster Pizza! A pocket of crackingly crisp dough filled with tomato sauce and cheese, with Beef ground so fine that you could not tell it was there. Two would guarantee to ward off a major Hangover but they could only be eaten one of two ways. Run through one cycle of the toaster rendering this round mouth full of magic warm on the outside and still almost frozen on the inside. Or two cycles of the toaster which was extra crispy and the first searing hot bite removed a layer of skin from the roof of your mouth!...Ahhh, the old days...JJ

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  12. Peanut butter and dill pickles (must be Farman's dill pickles) and mayo on bread or toast.  Introduced to my wife many years ago and converted her after the 1st bite.   [​IMG]

    Do have to try the spam and little links in the smoker.  My mom does the links in BBQ sauce in a crock pot, low and slow.

    Great thread here,

  13. rabbithutch

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    A banana sandwich - sliced cross-wise, not lengthwise - with mayo and peanut butter. Use the whole banana and eat carefully as the slices sometimes want to come out on their own (the PB is supposed to take care of that but it doesn't always do its job).
  14. venture

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    OMG Chef Jimmy!

    I forgot about the corned beef hash!  Yeah!  A breakfast place in San Francisco called Sears! Looks like it came out of the 1920's? Lines of people waiting on the sidewalk to get in!  Nothing fancy.  Just plain old breakfast, even in SF.  Great corned beef hash and eggs.  So greasy, you gotta love it!

    Now my other half makes her own corned beef hash.  Even better and to die for!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  15. worktogthr

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    I am a cheese fanatic...never had one I didn't like.. But when I want a burger or a sandwich, there is nothing better than processed American cheese...love it in omelets too. My friends all kill me for ordering a sliced steak sandwich at our local pub and asking for American instead of the fancy ass cheddar it comes with. And velveeta is the fakest of all but in my opinion the best...melts beautifully.
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  16. redheelerdog

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    Poodle Dix! - I love em, my kid does too!  [​IMG]  
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  17. markyque

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    LOL..I remember my mother eating mayo and peanut butter sandwiches. I asked my wife if she had had one and she said sure all the time.
    I said I don't remember her having one.

    She said oh I have them after you go to work...dirty little secret?
  18. venture

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    Hey, Marky?

    My other half will put butter and mayo on a sandwich.

    Go figger?  Grease fetish I guess?

    Bacon grease I could understand.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  19. so ms smoker

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        This all brings me back to when mom would make Kraft mac and cheese (with the package of powdered cheese). Then take a can of spam, cut into 1/4 - 1/2 inch cubes and stir into the mac and cheese. Awesome!

  20. Mine back in my young poor days, Ramen noodles, liquid strained, then add seasoning packet, Velveeta cheese and ranch dressing. Stick to your ribs goodness, and about a buck.

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