Compressor tank to a backyard smoker

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  1. Maybe next time I'll be quicker

  2. All right, I have a question about the handle. I have made some brackets for the CC door, My handle will off set from the CC door 2-3" depending on how thick I want the handle. The question is I can fail safe to wood, but I have a 11/4" solid aluminum round stock 15" long. Do you think it will heat sink too much and get too hot to hold on to being 3" from the door even thou it is bolted to the brackets? 
  3. I have a wooden handle on mine. I think if you used some type of insulator between the bracket and handle that would work. I have a SS gas grill and has insulators where the handle attaches and the shelf and burner attach, never gets hot.

  4. Gary, I made two isolators at work out of delron that should work just fine. I was going to use 2" round wood and bore the center for the aluminum bar stock when I found the delron.
  5. Let us know how it turns out with pictures, Glad I could help

  6. Gary, I will when I get the brackets welded on.
  7. I got some garage time in this weekend, as well as my sons baseball tournament. here are some pics to update my smoker thread.

    found an old body lift puck at work a few weeks back brought it home and turned it down on my SB9" lathe, the spacers I made at work I didn't like them. I went with some 3/4" solid aluminum I had laying around looked better on the handle. I forgot to take pics of the brackets as I was making them. I cut a template out of 3/4" plywood and clamped to my plate steel and used the torch to cut them out. With about an hour of grinding they looked good enough to use.

    Today I took some pipe I had and machined 2 pieces to fit the delron spacers I made for my handle for the smoker door

    Here is the 2 pieces with the delron in them, the delron will be used to space out my aluminum handle from the tank brackets to keep the aluminum from heat sinking and getting hot.

    the next couple of pics are the pieces welded on the brackets and the the spacers inserted.

    here is the handle on the door with the brackets

    In the above pic you can see I ran out of welding wire so that finished up the morning, which was good because we just made it to the baseball game. In the next pic just a pic of the weld and me having to stop so much due to too much heat.

    So I am at a stand still until I get to the welding supply house and get wire. That's fine because I have the vents to cut out on the firebox and prep for welding.
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  8. Really looking good

  9. Thanks Gary, and I believe your the only one following, so keep checking back in as I am sure I will have more questions.
  10. Maybe you can work on it this weekend

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    Reposted below....   Dave
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    KillerB, morning.....  Your thread has over 1000 views... Plenty of folks are interested in your build...  They are just not commenting...   That's the way some threads go.....  

    Nice job on the build......

  13. Dave I do see the views on my PC... I finally went to the main page and saw, hahaa on my phone which I do most of my browsing it just shows me the number of replies.

    Thanks Dave.
  14. I had someone give me some casters today and they are HUGE!!!! I am sure I will be able to make them look right to the grill. The best part is the have greaseable axles, 2 fixed and 2 steer should last as long as the grill if not longer.  Will post pictures of them this weekend as well as some of the FB. I am going to the welding shop tomorrow and get welding wire so I can get back at it.
  15. Killer B       still here can't wait to see some pictures.  Just a thought if you are not doing this already.  Search this site for different builds, go online to the different pit makers and really look at their pits. save the pictures and info that you like to a file, and look at all these and see what you like best and incorporate these features into your smoker design.  I guess this would be a little like "Smoker Plagiarism"  I know as for myself, most people are happy and willing to help and share information with fellow pit builders. Many times I have been looking at a pit or pictures of pits and see something I thought was neat, and would use on our next pit build.

  16. any update on this?
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    I know... just left us hanging.. didn't he....
  18. some people...
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    I must admit I was peeping on a regular basis… I like what your doing and appreciate the photos.
  20. Sorry fella's I dropped the ball. I did get welding wire for Christmas and finished welding the brackets on. We had some family setbacks that needed attention. I will be working on it again this weekend and when I can as it is now baseball season. Sorry I dropped off the earth, but I did check back here and there to keep up with SMF. 

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