Chicken Leg Quarters on the Old ECB

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gary s, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Smoking on my ECB

    I have told many newcomers it’s not the smoker, but the person doing the smoking. I read all the time about people who are just getting started, saying “ I got this to start with and hope to get something better in the future” like they are apologizing for not having a high dollar smoker. You don’t have to have an expensive smoker to turn out great smoked food. That is why I decided to smoke leg quarters on my ECB, (Don’t get much cheaper than those). I did do some mods on mine to improve overall performance, but still a very inexpensive smoker. My RF holds more meat and is not as labor intensive as the ECB, but I smoked for years on one.

    Chicken was on sale for $.49 lb. 8 lb. bags  limit 2 (I’ll be going back today)

    Clean up led quarters a bit

    Brine  ¼ cup salt, ¼ cup sugar and an 1/8 cup of Tony’s

    Mix well in cold water

    In goes the Chicken, and in the fridge till time to smoke

    Salt, Sugar & Tony's

    All mixed with Water

    Chicken ready to clean up a bit

    Resting in the brine

    Rinsed off and waiting to be seasoned

    Getting ECB fired up

     A little Olive Oil and my rub

    Oiled and rubbed

    Temp up and ready to go

    Chicken on


    Thin Blue Smoke

    Moving chicken around (Top to Bottom Rack

    Ready to smoke a little more

    Ready to come off

    Her they are

    They smoked for around 3.5 hours, Moist and just the right amount of smoke. 

    Thanks for looking
  2. c farmer

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    Great lookin chicken on a cheap smoker.

    I might have to dig mine out again.
  3. They look beautiful Gary. Nice job!!! After looking at that one can conclude it's the person, not the smoker, that makes great smoked meats. Thumbs Up
  4. Thanks CF & 5oclock   That was my whole intent. To show that it doesn't take a high dollar smoker to turn out good food. After we ate, took some leg quarters over to #2 son and daughter-in-law stayed and visited a while. At 8:00 PM when I got back home Smoker was still at 250º The mods on my little cheap smoker makes a huge difference. I paid $79.00  at Lowe's (4 or 5 years ago) and about another $30 to $40 in material  (Rope seal, grate, aluminum  for legs and damper, nuts and bolts) I had an extra temp gauge. so for about $120.00 you can have a pretty good smoker that works really well.

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  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Very nice post , Gary. Now the members with a 'budget' can get into smoking and know it will work . . .

    Love the color and the narration [​IMG]  ,  was attention holding . [​IMG]

    Good , go , Gary [​IMG]
  6. I had a smoker similar to that one years ago. Honestly, never did I think it could produce meat that looked as good as your chicken looked. Gave up with it really quick.
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  7. Amen Gary.  I turned out some great Q with mine years ago.  Totally agree it's NOT the smoker but the person doing it!!!   To all the new folks......WHATEVER smoker you have LEARN what it can do for you......what its limits are and its quirks too.   Once you do that you too can have awesome Q. 

    [​IMG]for a great thread!

  8. Thanks PM  

    Gary S
  9. venture

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    Nice looking chicken!

    And some great memories!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. Thanks Venture

  11. grillmonkey

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    Even though you're trying to kill me by suggesting I do ribs and brisket at the same time, I'm still impressed by your post! Very good job. Chicken looks perfect. Now, instead of ribs and brisket, I want to do leg quarters on my ECB.[​IMG][​IMG]
  12. chef jimmyj

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    They came out great. I never had the patience to play with my ECB and used the Horizontal most often but you statement is true. The Pitmaster makes the meat not the Pit...JJ
  13. bearcarver

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    Mission Accomplished !![​IMG][​IMG]

    This is an Awesome Thread, and should show anyone what can be done with a cheapo smoker & a few mods & some practice.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    That Chicken looks Fantastic, Gary!!!------------------[​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing this! [​IMG]

  14. Thank you both, That is what I wanted to accomplish 

  15. I need to add some information, which was pointed out by a very good friend that I should have included

    First I forgot to say how long I brined   (That would be some handy information)  these leg quarters were brined for 6 hours. Sometimes I will brine overnight if I am starting them the next morning.

    Second;  I didn't say anything about the internal temp (More handy information)  I pulled the chicken at 180 º     This is a real good point I should have discussed more. It's not the length of time  the chicken smokes  IT'S THE INTERNAL TEMP that determines when it is ready

    Next time I will make my pictures bigger so easier to see and place the caption closer to the picture.

    I am always trying to improve my post

    Thank you for pointing this out

  16. disco

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    Terrific post and smoke. I love the qview. Thanks, Gary.


  17. Thanks Disco, are you cooling down up there ?

  18. hickorybutt

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    Sure looks good.  Smoked chicken that has sat in a good brine makes for a good meal.
  19. Thanks HB

  20. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thanks for posting the temps Gary.

    Chicken is safe at 165.  I like the breast in that area because it can dry out quickly at higher temps.

    For thighs and whole legs I like 175 to 180.  Not for food safety.  For the texture.

    The legs have more fat and will still be tender and juicy at the higher temp.

    Again, great looking legs you got there!  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.

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