Boats, BBQ, and Brews!!!

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    Spent last weekend at the Toledo Oregon Wooden Boat Show. At every boat gathering we have potluck one of the nights. I usually provide the main course. I wanted to do tri tip and a couple chickens, but the price of tri tip, even at Costco has sky rocketed the last couple weeks $10-$12 per pound!!! So I picked up a two pack of chickens and a full pork loin from Costco. This years festival we picked Friday night. As promised by the weather people it was a bit drippy and windy for most the day. It did let up enough right at cook time to make it bearable. I took my 18.5 WSM and as usual it had no problems with the conditions. I was going to put one chicken and one loin on each rack, but the lower rack was running 25° higher than the upper so I opted to put both chickens on the lower rack to help crisp the skin. Being that this is a dry camp with out any water, I kept things really simple. Rubbed everything with old bay seasoning. Cut the loin in half and spatched the chickens. For fuel and smoke I use KBB and a 50/50 mix of cherry and apple.

    Here we are firing up. The show is held on Depot Slough off the Yaquina River. GP has cardboard mill on the slough.

    Shortly after this pic all hell broke loose and the rain was coming down sideways!

    These were my initial temps. The lower grate settled down to with 25° of the upper after about 30 minutes.

    Here we are done We caught a break in the rain at the right moment. 145° for the loin, 170° for the chicken. Final smoker temps were 285° upper,  315° lower. The loins went into foil pans as did the birds. Rested for 45 min. each before slicing and serving. I didn't get any finished photos things were too hectic and the rain kept getting in the way.
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    Now onto the boats. The next two days were fabulous. 80° degrees and sunshine!

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    What, no babes?
  5. Looks good, boats and Q. TFPU!
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    Case that is some beautiful country,the food looks pretty good,for being done in the rain.

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    Sailer, which boat is yours?
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    Looks like a fun weekend!! There's an antique and wooden boat show every year over in St. Michael's, MD. Every year I swear I'm gonna remember and go check it out. I think the last time I made it was in the early 80's. 😄

    Is this one of yours? It's a pretty little thing. Kinda reminds me of a Skipjack.
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    We make this show every year. It's a good one. I will upload more photos later. 

    That boat is a Stevenson's Weekender.

    I didn't take any wood boats this year that were in sailing condition. I took our plastic canoe and this little guy

    It kept getting knocked down! Finally had to put my beer cooler in it to keep it upright!
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    Card board boat races

    My oldest sons friend that we brought along crewed on one of the boats and they took 2nd place! It was almost 1st, but they got their paddles crossed at the last minute.

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    Way cool Dirt.....Thanks for sharing. Its beautiful there

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    Smoke away!!!
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    Smoke away!!!
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    Great post, Case! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

    Thank you for sharing.

    We'll forgive you - this time - for not getting the plated shots. :biggrin:

    The quality of light and air in the GNW is awe inspiring. We vacationed there several times over the years. Is the wooden boats museum still open on the Lake Union in Seattle? I got to visit that once but it looks like your get together puts it to shame.

    Did I see a Lightning class boat in there?

    Again, thanks for sharing. looking forward to more pics and descriptions of the boats. :sausage:
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    Boy you wouldn't like to see the air here in Bend right now. It is a thick layer of smoke. We have forest fires all around us right now. Cough Cough Cough

    I don't know if the Museum is still open up in Seattle or not, its been years since I visited it. Astoria Oregon has a great Maritime museum.

    Yes that the blue boat with the white sails is a lightning class.
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    Nice pics and nice post. I imagine with all the wildfires one could cold smoke something out there.
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    RRRRRRRR Maty!!!!

    DS That looks great, sorry about you getting rained on, send the rain our way we are all on fire over here, one town is about burnt down.

    I wish something like that was going on when I was there it looks fun. 

    Great post!!! from a old steel deck sailor LOL 

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    One certainly could. When I rolled over the top of the Cascades and headed back in Central Oregon it was a smoke bank. Thought I was going to need a radar my GPS to get home!
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    This show happens every year so plan a trip next year. theres the boats, live music all day Saturday and Sunday, and all kinds of vendors. Usually there is a classic car show a block away but they had an all class reunion for the high school using the facility.

    As for the fires its out of control. Canyon Coty over by Seneca where we go to the oyster feed lost 26 houses. Not to mention the feed for the animals. I can't remember how many tons those ranchers lost but it was a years or more worth. Luckily people are stepping up and hauling feed and supplies to them and making donations.
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