And they call this Barbequed Ribs...rediculous!

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  1. The Food Network has become a joke.  The only real cooking on TV is done on public broadcasting.  I guess there isn't enough public demand for quality cooking shows, so we get 50 cake decorating contests per week and a bunch of reality garbage.  With the exeption of maybe the Iron Chefs, I (and I bet most of the people on this site) can cook a circle around anybody they have on there.
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    I have often spoken out about not using lighter fluid (or matchlight charcoal) -- but never thought I would see anyone talking about using actual coal to cook food.  If that is what he meant, that just sounds so wrong.  Bad enough to use lighter fluid.
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     I might not cook a circle, But I can cook a Mean Cobbler! LOL
  4. i hated ribs growing up. my grandmother would cook them in the oven with tomatos and onions on them. i hated the flavor. i wasnt sure and then tried some smoked ones that looked pretty good and i was hooked. now that i know how to somke them myself, my grandma asks me to make ribs for her, and she loves Jeff's rub and sauce too! i owe it all to this forum and the knowledge i have gotten from all of you about how to make them, how to even get the charcoal to burn right in my ECB and everything. thank you all, i appreciate you all and your help. keep smokin'!!!!!!!
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  6. SQWIB... I have a confession as well... I used to boil my ribs too!!! To top it off, I never knew that a membrane could be removed... Terrible...

    In all fairness, I also used to drink from a bottle, poop in my pants, eat sand, throw temper tantrums and cry uncontrollably... Then my father explained to me that this is unacceptable behavior for a man in his mid twenties... [​IMG]

    Point being, we grow, we learn and we mature... Thankfully we don't need to look to Rachael Rae to learn how to "BBQ" (and i do use the term loosely)... My heart bleeds for all that do!!! 

    Johnny K.
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    There is only one real BBQ - Smoke it or forget it!
  8. Down here they say BBQ is something you eat not something you do. The verb here would be smoke.
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    I do like watching triple d, and Good Eats, but as far as anything bbq that they would show how to cook forget it, and as far as Rachel Ray is concerned, she is cute, until she opens her mouth and begins to speak then it gets annoying. IMO
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    Indeed.  TV is about personality and looks first and foremost.  The rest is almost irrelevant.  Ribs cooked in a crock pot may taste good and be an acceptable way of cooking them (particularly for people who live where they can't have a smoker/grill), but there ain't no way you can call 'em "Barbecued"!  I read the recipe and wondered "OK, so where is the 'barbecued' in this recipe?"

    Its a shame that a lot of people out there will think of THAT when they think of Barbecued Ribs.
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    The Neely's on TV aren't the owners of Interstate BBQ. That's Jim Neely, Pat Neely's uncle. Pat and his wife Gina, the two from the food network own Neely's BBQ. I've been to Interstate and thought it was awesome!! I've never been to Neely's. I'm told that it's a more commercial yet copy cat version of his uncles original hard work. I think Pat, Gina and their show is a joke. IMHO, they are on the air because of what alelover says below. It's way more about their personality and presence on camera than their recipes or ability to cook.
    And as far as BBQ Pizza... that would be awesome! But cooking the ribs in a crock pot. Nooooo way!

    And Sqwib... it's good to get things like that off your chest. You've got some great looking Q now and that's what counts.
  12. This is the whole reason I got into smoking in the first place. I was tired of bad ribs, the oven or direct grilling just dont cut it. This really should be illegal!
  13. Mythmaster - Just read your recipe and got hungry.  Pork chops w/gravy definitely gets my attention. 

    Crock pot usage for ribs though has it's place.  While the ribs are smoking, the "pot" should have some navy beans or black-eyed peas slow cooking and ready to go...

  14. I second that!  My litmus test to determine someone's BBQ knowledge or Grill/Pit Master Status has always been simply based on how they prepare pork ribs.  I have seen a lot of recipes that call for cooking ribs by first baking them in an oven for 99% of the time, then placing them over hot coals or gas for a few minutes to crisp them up and slather them with sauce.

    BBQ, you say?  Yeah, right!

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    Two different places run by two different groups of people.
  16. The only thing Crock Pots are good for are keeping things warm for parties and cooking beans, stews, or roasts. That is it. BBQ should never come into contact with a CP unless you are simply keeping some pulled pork warm for a party.

    ...oh, and the cheese dip....gotta have a CP for the Queso!!!!
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    And in the oven I have ribs,with old bay ,empires best bbq ,garlic and brushing with butter,apple cider vinegar and maple syrup every half hour.Too windy to smoke.
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    ">http://I dont know if I should eat these,these sites teach you how to cook
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you slather a condiment on it, that's when people think it's BBQ.  Just because they market the stuff as BBQ Sauce, doesn't mean using it turns your dish into BBQ food.  It's (whatever) with BBQ Sauce.  

    BBQ is a cooking method, a lifestyle even....not a sauce.  

    Either way, before I got into smoking meats, I was of the same mind set.  I've made my share of oven ribs, crockpot pulled pork, etc.  It was never BAD, but it was never truly BBQ either.
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