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  1. Any ideas why I am only getting a short burn with my AMNPS....

    Here is the mb door...

    Not quite what I was hoping for, hoping it is user error. Mailbox has the standard mounting holes in the bottom as well...

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  2. If your pellets have absorbed any moisture from the air they will not burn good. Try microwaving them for about 45 seconds to a minute first to drive out any moisture and try again. If that doesn't work you may have to play with your air inlets and exhaust settings to get a better draw of air. Can't see what type of smoker you are using. Also gotta follow those directions for getting it going (I know that is obvious)

    One more thing. I have read a few of the types of pellets don't burn good by themselves and have to be mixed with another pellet type, usually oak to keep them burning good. Just wish I could remember what the pellets were that needed to be mixed, sorry.

    Hopefully that helps. I'm sure someone else will come along that can better help if the above doesn't work.

    Happy smoking!
  3. tropics

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    Like he said mike them on a paper plate for a min. Fill the tray more,looks a little low to me.
  4. Thanks guys I'll nuke em a bit before I give em a run again. Was burning straight oak (or trying too). I did choke the vent way down in an effort to fill the box, but when they went out the first time I left the vent wide open hoping for a better draft and they still crapped out. My money is on moisture. Thanks for the idea.

  5. sota d

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    You need to fill it up to the top of the dividers. Definitely nuke the pellets. Where are you located? I've seen on here that the pellets don't burn well at high elevations.
  6. In SE PA, highly doubt it was elevation. Probably a combo of moisture and not filled high enough.

    Brings another question...if I am not looking for a long burn do I still fill the AMNPS close to the top, but not through the entire maze?

    Thanks guys...
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    Joe please update your profile so we can help you better. Location, type smoker. This enables every one to help you with any question or problem. Fill it you can always knock the un-burnt pellets back.
  8. 100 characters per space doesn't leave a whole lot of room for updates....

    A little about me - 42 year old married, father of two - love to bowhunt, fish with the family, and host cookouts - been smoking long before it was the en-vogue thing to do...just thinned the fleet when I sold my Stumps RF 3x5 and my custom "super-can".  Holding down the fort with a pair of customized MES units - I know a lot of true smokers might feel running the MES is a bit of a bastardization of the concept - to those folks I just say - proof is in the pudding....most who visit love what I make and could care less how it was done.  As the kids are getting older and work gets more involves, there are larger, more important drains on my time.  I can still roll 6' set-up with the best of them, but if I can get it done without all of the hub-bub, why not....

    A couple of my latest....

    14lb shoulder....

    Custom K2 Fattie

    Drunken Spiced Wings

    Crabby Shrimp

    Just a few - I don't post much here - I was looking for an alternative off-set smoke source and heard about the AMNPS so I thought I'd give it a try...SMF seemed to be the place to gather the required info.

    Seems like a nice place for smokers to hang and share...might be around a little more....

    Thanks for your help!

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    I second that the tray is not full enough.  Needs to be up to the top of the row dividers.
  10. inkjunkie

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    nuke them and fill it up...
  11. Posted a few comments, along with a few pics and received a message about being new and needing the post to be reviewed - what's that about?

    Thanks again for the AMNPS tips....

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  12. inkjunkie

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    suppose you could. I normally just fill it up, when done smoking just take a fork and separate thE burning part...
  13. mummel

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    Does lighter fluid work to get the AMPS started?  What about rolling up a piece of paper?  Any other ideas?  I'd like to skip the torch.
  14. bmaddox

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    I would not use lighter fluid as you don't want to introduce any petroleum products. Todd sells a lighting gel that can be used instead of a torch but I have not tried it. I use a standard plumbers torch on a green coleman bottle of propane and it works like a charm.
  15. wade

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    To avoid contaminating the flavour of the smoke do not use any accelerants like lighter fluid. Proving your pellets are dry and you have filled up your AMNPS then a simple blow lamp blast for about 30 seconds should get them alight. Let the pellets flame for a minute or so before blowing them out. To ensure that the pellets are dry zap them for 4-5 minutes on high in an uncovered microwave dish - stirring them half way through.
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  16. mummel

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    What brand of fuel do you use?  I looked on Amazon and they sell Zippo 165gm for $8.  This the going rate?
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  17. bmaddox

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    What fuel are you referring to? The propane? I use whatever bottle I have at the time. I'm not sure what zippo fuel you were buying unless you are trying to use a lighter and not a torch.
  18. tropics

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    You need to get a Butane or propane torch.

    Pic of HF Butane

  19. mummel

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    $17 on Amazon:

    They use butane, $8 on Amazon:

    Is this what I need?
  20. tropics

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    The HF is half the price. Yes that is what is needed 

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