8 Pound Butt --- Baked Beans W/Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ronp, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. ronp

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    I am doing this as a payback for the above thread for him being honest. I called him today and asked if tommorow was ok, and he said I can't wait, thanks so much.

    8.32 pounds.

    I just layered the above ingredients over the top starting with wet first and had Carol rub them in.

    Flipped over a few times.

    All done, ready for the sear.

    On the Weber for the burn.


    This will be under the beans for the smoke flavor and to soften the onions. Any remaining rub and 2 cups of beef broth, and 1/2 vadalia onion sliced thin.

    Smoke at 230' till 160' - 170' and put into the above pan foiled at 190' for the night. I am using mesquite and hickory.

    I am serving 12 people and have 24 buns and a # 10 can of beans.

    Thanks for watching the QVIEW.

  2. doctor phreak

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    ronp lookin great ...you are a good man taking care of someone thats takes care of you...whats that saying " you scratch my back i'll scratch yours " you're one outta of million [​IMG]
  3. monty

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    Lookin' great, Ron!

    And referring to the previous thread which I missed totally....As for Karma, good things come to good people, but, the best things happen to the best people just when that best thing is needed....not before or after but when it needs to happen......think about it!

  4. dingle

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    Ron, you are making some of us look bad. There is no end with you. Keep up the good work
  5. bmudd14474

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    I cant wait to see the finished product Ron. Looks great so far.[​IMG]
  6. ezmoney

    ezmoney Meat Mopper

    Nice treat for the guys Ron! They'll appreciate it!
  7. ronp

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    Thanks doc, that's the way I feel also.

    Good point Ron.

    Thanks Dingle, not trying to make anyone look bad.

    I'm working on it, thanks.

    I'm sure they will.

    Now for the beans.

    I bought some Bushes naked Pintos and threw together some sauce from scratch.

    I used about 1 cup each catsup and 1 cup Kc BBQ and the rest of the ingredients and about 1/2 cup brown sugar.

    First taste Carol said yum, I tossed a few squirts of Tabasco and that was it.

    Here it is at 147'.

    Brushed on more Tashidas teriyaki for caramelizing .

    Thanks for watching more to come.
  8. bmudd14474

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    Nice very nice.
  9. cowgirl

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    Looking great Ron!
  10. smoking gun

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    The butt is lookin good ron.[​IMG] Lookin forward to the final.[​IMG]
  11. ronp

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    Thanks guys.

    Well It has been stalled in the 150s' forever now at 158' I am just going to foil, and set the MES to 190' and go to bed.

    Ready to foil.

    In the pan.

    The beans added to the sauce with some mexican 4 cheese blend.

    Thanks for watching my QVIEW. More to come.
  12. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    hey ill fix you car next time ron. show us the finished ones tomorrow.
  13. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    how do you like the mes? my friend just got his from ups today. we put it togather tonight. looks nice.
  14. slickrat

    slickrat Smoke Blower

    Hey Ron, is the sauce for the beans in the pan under the butt? BTW, nice bark on that butt.

    BGC, check out this thread from FyrmnJ - he put 4 caster wheels on the bottom of his MES - very convenient to be able to roll it around. I went to Home Depot and got 4 for mine as well. The ones I got were more like $7.00 a piece though. I removed the 2 round feet held on by a large bolt and had to drill out one of the holes of the caster to fit. The other side is the leveler bolts which hold the casters on as well... didn't want to drill any holes in the MES so one bolt per caster - seems to be ok so far.

  15. 1894

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    Way to go Ron , seems doing the right thing also rubs off on folks around you. Funny how that karma thing works , and you got a heap of it [​IMG]

  16. guvna

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    great looking butt ron! i see your searing all of you butts now. i guess you really like it like that huh? maybe i'll come out of my bbq box and try that some time. [​IMG]

    BTW, i was a mechanic for years and i didn't take very many lunch breaks. i'm sure those folks are really going to apprecieate this. points. [​IMG]
  17. erain

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    that looks great ron so far. a great treat for those guys which will not be forgotten. interesting on the sear on the butt. i know what it does for briskies, may have to try it on next butt i do. great job man!!!
  18. ronp

    ronp Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I'll post the pics tonight, pulling as we speak. I love it.

    Thanks, and thanks for the points.

    Thanks for the points.

    Thanks Erain.

    We're pulling now, I have 45 minutes to deliver.

    Will have pics tonight.

    Thanks for watching,
  19. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    SlickRat thanks. you forgot the link lol. ill look in electric smokers and see if i can find it. i want to get one for making summer sausages and smoked sausages from venison. my brinkman does ok but these seem that the temps would be easier to maintain without flareups.

    like this ?


    cool. we need to burn his. he plans on using it sat and i just read that the first burn king of smells real bad. so ill see if he wants to season it tonight. cant wait to see the pics ron.
  20. slickrat

    slickrat Smoke Blower

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