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Discussion in 'Pork' started by splendorlex, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I just kicked off my 2nd smoke. My first time on my ECB electric I smoked a few chicken leg quarters just to get my feet wet. It came out pretty well, and was as easy as they say. Now for my 2nd smoke I'm trying a pork but for pulled pork, at the recommendation of several on this forum. I thought I'd post some pictures as I go along.

    I made the rub from a recipe I found here last night, and decided to go with the mustard then rub I've seen people do. Here it is wrapped in saran wrap after all that was done last night.
    This morning I filled my new smoker box with apple chips, and put it on.
    It's just a shade under 5 pounds, so I expect it'll take in the neighborhood of 8-10 hours. Do you usually wrap in foil, and if so, when? For my first try I may just smoke it as-is, but we'll see!
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    I just did my first Butt smoke the other day too!  I did NOT wrap in tin foil at all and I was very pleased with the very healthy thick flavorful bark!  I did baste it every hour or so through the heat control vents on top with a squirt bottle filled with apple juice.

    I'm not good enough yet to give recommendations but I'll tell you what I did and that I was REALLY happy with the results.

    I made sure I kept some water in my pan, basted it often, no foil wrap, and collected the drippings.  And a secret I got from Bearcarver, if you put the drippings in a container overnight in the fridge, the fat will separate and just skim it off and throw it away.  Heat up the black gold left over and pour on the PP.  You'll LOVE it!

    Just wait for 205 degrees IT.  It just falls apart and is super moist and delicious!

    Good luck....must see Qview!
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    Your an addict now! Smoke on!
  4. I couldn't help but take a look at 4 hours.  Here it is.

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  5. sqwib

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    Looking Good.

  6. So I've been checking the temp, and it seems to be hanging around 180 and not going up much more. I thought I read about that somewhere. I have been refreshing the water, should I let it all evaporate at this point to see if the temp will keep rising?
  7. heyer5

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    You should be past the typical "stall", which is what I'm assuming you have read about previously.  Just be patient and wait it out! 

    I wouldn't be concerned with continually adding water to the water pan, but that's personal preference!
  8. Thanks. I've promised myself not to take off the lid for another hour at least. :)
  9. so ms smoker

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      Waiting for the finished pics...

  10. Are you using a digital thermo on a probe so you don't have to open the chamber to check IT?
  11. Unfortunately, no. One of my next steps is to purchase a good thermometer. I've got to pop mine in to check it.

    Any reco's in that area?
  12. I use an inexpensive digital single-probe thermometer simply because it works, has a nice large display, a temp alert, and is accurate. If I was to buy one right now, I'd get the dual-probe Maverick.
  13. Here we are! 

    Just pulled off the smoker. It's just barely under 5 pounds, and I had it on for about 8 1/2 hours. There was the stall around 180 I mentioned earlier, but I just left it alone for a little while and it was right about 200 when I pulled it off. It was kinda hard to get off the grate, any tips there?

    Here's the bone. It didn't come RIGHT out, but took a minor couple jiggles to get it free on the bark end. 

    Now it's wrapped up and going to sit for a bit before I pull it. How long should I wait? Cause right about now I just want to go stick my face in it.

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  14. disco

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    That looks good! It is much better looking than my first butt. I haven't had the courage not to foil yet. I will try it that way next.

    As for how long to let it sit, I am not an expert. I have only done 4 pulled porks and I let one sit for an hour and two others 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours and got a great result with all three. We won't speak of the first one ever again. I am sure one of the experienced forum members will give you a more definitive answer.

    You have whet my appetite for dinner! Thanks for posting!

  15. Here it is pulled, (the bark is in a separate pile.) :)  Man it tastes good! Better than most pulled pork I've had in my life, with maybe one or two exceptions.

  16. disco

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    I hate to tell you this, but you're doomed. You will now be smoking forever.

  17. Haha, yeah. I have 2 slabs of Baby Backs in the fridge, my next test. :)
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    200 when I pulled it off. It was kinda hard to get off the grate, any tips there?

    Pam Spray the grates or wipe with oil.

    Hey everything turned out great and can't wait to see the ribs!
  19. Nice job on the pulled pork. Mix Mr Brown with Mrs White! LOL

    You asked about foiling. I don't foil a butt. As you have found -- the bark is the prize for not foiling.

    I also don't spritz, mop, or anything else. I don't even take the lid off unless I want to add more food.
  20. Turned out great without foil, so I will stick with that in the future. Next time I will also take the lid off less frequently. Overall a big success!

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