1st BBQ Competition

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  1. rstr hunter

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    This weekend my brother and I were in our first BBQ contest.  It was a small invitational contest in Milbank, SD.  3 catagories chicken, ribs, and brisket.  We ended up doing pretty well getting 1st in chicken and 3rd in ribs.  We need to spend a little more time on the brisket as it did not work out very well this time.  Well we now have something to work on.  Sorry no q-view but did get a couple of pics with the trophies. 





    Not bad for a couple of guys with their Chargrillers versus all competition cookers.  Thanks for looking.
  2. meateater

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    Those trophy's are qview for me, nice job and congrats. [​IMG]  [​IMG]   Great looking countryside by the way, thanks for sharing. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]     Two tropheys on your first competion is one hell of a great way to start your competion career
  8. rstr hunter

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    Thanks all. Don't know how much a career is ahead in this, but we did have fun and it's nice to know that others think we're competent cookers. 
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  10. roller

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    Congratulations !!!!!!
  11. daveomak

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    Great job..........looks like a family event that was perfect......Looks like the corn is about ready too...........Dave
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    Congrats Hunter, Very well done [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]   WELL DONE GUYS!!!!

  14. Congratulations man! Indid my first comp in may and it was fun...tiresome and a lot of work but very fun!
    Congrats again and good luck in future events!
  15. shiz-nit

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    Nice work guy's and congrats
  16. daggerdoggie

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    Congratulations![​IMG]  That's amazing on your first competition.  Having fun with your family is the most important aspect of the event.
  17. rdknb

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    a 1st and 3rd first time out WOW
  18. raymo76

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    Super cool! Great job guys!!!! My brother would be glad to see that Packer sweater too!
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    Congratulations. You are now winners and veterans. Way to goooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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