Worlds HOTTEST Pepper

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    Well give it a shot and when you can talk tell us how hot it really is.
  2. Before they came out with tis pepper, the ghost was the hottest. I ate a slice of the ghost pepper, and it is way hot! I am a huge fan of spicy foods, but that pepper would make it so it is the only flavor or burning sensation you would feel or taste! I have never done it, but even the ghost pepper seemed like i swallowed FIRE!
  3. i have a friend that got some dried ghost pepper seasoning mix..a lil goes a llllooooonnnnngggggg way.
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    Hey guys,I am a fan of heat myself,like habenero the best.Anything more is waste.Just a warning for those who may not know....always were rubber gloves and some sort of eye protection when handling these kinds of peppers.They could easily land you on the hospital.I had a friend at one time who dried peppers for salt/dry day while working with his peppers and drinking a cold one he decided to step out for a quick gloves and he didn't wash his hands,only took a couple of seconds for him to go screaming across the yard with his pants down.water only helped a little.he says he could see his fingerprints for a while afterward.
  5. take your pick!



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