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    I started this smoker a couple weeks ago and am currently gathering the last pieces and parts to finish it up. I have a 3500w 240v broiler element on hand that I am planning to install. First I will line the bottom with fire brick. I also want to assemble a PID controller for it. The smoke will be supplied by an a-maze-in smoker, just not sure which one yet. Size is 18"x24"x48" high. Racks are made from some SS shelving I bought several years ago and never used. Smoker is 3/4" tongue & groove pine car siding. I put adjustable air intakes front and back with an adjustable top exhaust. I want to build a small removable box w/a muffin fan in it that I can set over the top and run low heat to use it as a dehydrator as well as a smoker. Hopefully it all works like I envision.
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    OK obviously I did something wrong attaching the pics. Just not sure what. I better brush up on that.
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    Let me try again. 


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