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  1. I'm thinking about getting a offset smoker this summer. I've been using a Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5, but I am thinking about getting something with a trailer to take camping.

    My concern is finding wood to use in the firebox. I stopped using chips a few years ago because I was just getting too much smoke for a short burst and I had to keep feeding it. I started buying large bags of chunks at Home Depot, but they have stopped carrying it for the season and I'm almost out.

    What I would like to know if anyone has found any orchards or lumber processesors that sell small logs, 2 foot or so, that I can use for an offset smoker, split for my WSM or even use in my fireplace or campfire.

    I live in southeast michigan and would like to find something within the Wayne, Oakland or Livingston county area.
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    Good morning Steve, My first thought is come up here to Lansing there are piles of wood by the road all over this city.  After the ice storm the city said to pull all wood in your yard to the road and the city will pick up.  Of course we got a foot of snow after that and the plows covered the piles with 4-5 feet of hard snow.  So now the city has not yet come out with a new plan so the wood sits in the snow.

    My second thought would be to contact the tree trimmers in your area and see if you can’t work out something with them.   Last summer when Wright tree service came down the road to trim the power lines I talked to them and the guy said they took a load of oak to the BBQ trailer at Miller and MLK in trade for lunch.

    My third thought is to put an ad on GL and say if you have a tree you need removed if it’s one of these woods.  Make list of what you want.  Or just say if you have a small apple-cherry tree you need removed.  That you will remove for free.  Even if you have to hire a tree service to drop it you should make out ok.  When someone calls you can always say sorry I can’t help you if it’s too big or too hard to do.  Pick and choose and you might get lucky.


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