Wood Fired Pizza Oven Next A Smoker BBQ

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  1. Granite Falls WA. After successfully building a wood fired Pizza oven, it's time to try a hand at a slow cooking BBQ. Hopefully lots of build examples here on the forum ;)

    Capt. Paul

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    Cool looking build! Now show us that oven in action
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    Great looking oven! There are tons of build threads here. Some simple like the mini-WSM or UDS. Some critics motivated like the brick and mortar builds. All depends on what medium you want to build.
  4. I could show the build sequence, I have most in a PowerPoint ;)
  5. This is a typical result yummmm

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    Please DO!!!!!
  7. OK Then although I realize this is not smoking.

    First is to build the platform. A stable concrete base to build the structure.

    Can't keep the dogs off wet concrete.

    Concrete blocks as a base, 4 high to get the right level for the oven.

  8. Continuing on, the door opening is for wood storage. A right angle steel supports the top. Then fill the holes with rocks and concrete.

    The top is created by putting in a 3/4" plywood piece supported by 1" pipe in the center. The plywood sits about 3' - 4" down below the lip and a frame around the outside to end up with a concrete top about 6" deep. Lots of scrap re-bar the strengthen the top.

    Extended the base so that there is somewhere solid to stand on while cooking.

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    Looking Good So Far👍
  10. Now starts the fun part, designing the dome. Basically it's an igloo shape that is not a pure dome, it's flattened on the top to reflect the fire/heat down to the cooking surface.

    4" insulation is cut out for the base. the inside diameter of this oven is 42" which is quite large.

    Measuring and marking center lines

    The cooking surface is fire brick tiles. i used 12" square. The larger they are the better but they get real spendy when they get bigger than that.

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    What are you thinking of using for the Top (Dome) I have used Vermiculit mixed 5 parts to 1 part cement for ovens etc.
  12. Using mortar made for high heat, the cooking floor the first row of Solders (Vertical) firebricks are mortared in place. The transition to the entrance is angle cut bricks. You need a good tile saw for this job. I wore out 2 blades before it was all done.

    Good time to sand the cooking surface. I didn't. Made it very difficult once the top was on. Lesson learned.

    Now it's time to cut the rows of bricks. Notice the ones around the circumference are half bricks. This is both for weight and heated mass. Using full bricks would take way too long to come to temperature.

  13. Notice the tool used to hold the bricks in place while the set. By the time the next brick is buttered the tool can be moved around.

    shape of each brick will be the same for it's row but different for each progressive row.

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    That is some serious skill right there. 
  15. Chimney hole done.

    Working into the night ;)

    Any excess made mortar is spread on the exterior.

    Bricks cut for the next row, sitting in a water bath.

  16. Nearing the top you have to get a little inventive as the bricks are set almost verticale. The last KEY brick holds it all in place.

    Next the exterior is covered in mortar. Chimney set in place. (I later raised this for more draft. The chimney is made of 8" Chimney liners.

    Once this is dried, a layer of fiberglass insulation like you would find between a household oven and the exterior to isolate the heat, is added the the exterior of the dome. This is held in place with wire. then a layer of cement is put over the while thing to tie in with the concrete surround.

    At this point slow low burns are done to cure the oven. Each burn gets it a little hotter. After about 6 burn cycles it should be ready for cooking. I starting a mosaic on the outside for that artsy look.

    Flat glass and glass bead used to make this 3D mosaic. I call it An Octopuses Garden. Soooooo think British music, what's the name of the octopus?

  17. Mosaic needs finishing.

    Close enough

  18. Now about building a smoker next to the oven for a perfect outdoor kitchen.........

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