Wood, Chips or Pellets?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevetheteacher, May 31, 2015.

  1. Which do you use?
  2. kihler

    kihler Smoke Blower

    I use chips in all my smoking. Put a layer of fine chip on the bottom of the chip pan and than a layer of bigger chips. The smaller chips get smoking fast and they get the larger ones going. I have never used pellets, I can't comment. But why would you use pellets when they are so many types of wood in chip form. They also come in so many sizes. You can buy them by the bag or in bulk. And last, do not soak your wood chips.

    This is my opinion.
  3. Do you use charcoal at all?
  4. kihler

    kihler Smoke Blower

    Not when I'm smoking. I don't think my smoker would work with charcoal. I have a friend that uses charcoal, but he has a green egg. I have a smoke vault 24.
  5. trueteam

    trueteam Smoke Blower

    In my WSMs I use chunks. In my MES I use pellets in the AMNPS
  6. b-one

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    It really depends on what type of smoker you have and what your doing.
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