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  1. I was wondering if I use two of the same brand and model of wireless thermometers, will they  send and receive on different channels? I'm using two different types right now and prefer one brand over the other. I don't want to buy the same model if they use the same frequencies. Any info would be appreciated. I've been smoking for less then a year and so far I haven't had any failures, but monitoring temp is important to me especially on those lone 15 to 18 hour smokes. I'm using a 18.5 Webber SMC smoker.

    Thanks for any input. 
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  2. dr k

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    I think some do and some don't depending on the manufacturers.  I don't have the Mav ET-732 or 733 so others with those models can chime in.  I have two single probe therms on the same frequency which I prefer so I can use one receiver and it flashes between the CC temp and meat temp.  I have other non remote digital therms when using more than one rack or for other meats.  Some people have great luck with the Mav probes with the models I mentioned above lasting and some don't.  I have 4 different digital therms that cost less than the Mav replacement probes for a few years now without problems or having replaced batteries.  As long as they pass the boil test periodically and have braided cables for abrasion resistance. 

  3. Kurt,

    Thanks for the info, I have a Maverick HD-32 which works very well, the other is a Char-Broil unit no model on the unit. They both seem accurate but the Char-broil receiving unit turns off after about an hour if no buttons are pushed even when its set to count down cooking time, so I'm having to reset it all the time. Nothing in the directions for use addresses the early shutdown. Might have gotten a defective unit. But I would like to monitor meat temp, and cooker temp, and thought the elapsed time feature was cool but it starts the count over when it needs to be turned back on.
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    I have a few ET-732s and 733s and I have had 5 running at the same time without a problem. At BBQ competitions most of the competitors will probably have at least one Maverick too and they do not interfere with each other. I am not sure exactly how they work but I do not think that it is on a channel basis. They all probably all work on the same "channel" but each time they pair they probably select a unique pairing code to communicate.
  5. Wade,

    That makes sense, I never thought about how they would work in competitions. I'll pick  up another Maverick when I get a chance. I'm new to smoking and have been using books to figure everything out. Its been fun.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Books are great...But you will discover that there are a great deal of knowledgeable people here on the Forum who are excited and more than happy to share their expertise...Welcome to the Forum.

    Keep on Smoking,

  7. dirtsailor2003

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    If you use the iGrill products, supposedly you can run more than one unit at a time. I haven't tried it, as I only have the four probe iGrill2 unit.
  8. hank2000

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    I have two Igrill mini's run them side by side at the same time. One for cc temp one for meat temp. No problems with them. I do know each one has a different ID code so that may be why
  9.  John,

    I'll be using the forum more as I'm sure the more I get into smoking the more advice I'm going to be needing.

    Thanks John, Hank, and Dirtsailor2003 for the feedback. I don't have my next smoke planned (recovering from a work injury). Hope to be well enough soon. Thanks for the info.


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