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  1. I had the day off today and I wanted to cook something easy and small. Last night I hit Sams and picked up some more cheese to smoke and got a little 4lb. corned beef brisket. I have never tried one of these on the smoker before? I always smoke the big ones and do it from scratch. I hope it turns out good! Everything looks good so far... I soaked the thing in ice water for around 4 hours and emptied the water about 3 times to try and get some of the salty nastiness out of it. Hopefully that was long enough.

    I made my own Brisket rub using advice from other forums I have been a part of over the years. I also got up at 3am to put her on the smoker and it was still raining from last nights previous thunderstorms! So, I put her on around 8am. I am thinking I am going to bring it up until it hangs, wrap it and throw it in the oven for the remainder to conserve propane. It is Really windy today, blowing 25 to 40 mph.





    Apple and Cherry chopped up small. I also plan to "soak myself" with some cider!

    Went on around 8am

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    I'm in! And i like your style...remember to always keep the Cook hydrated :)
  3. LOL! Yep... Right on!
  4. Here are the finishing pics. It turned out really good! Surprisingly good!

    Coming off the smoker for a wrap.

    Wrapped and going in the cooler for an hour.


    Sliced Hot Pastrami!


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