Wild Hog shoulders and ribs with QVIEW!

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  1. I was gifted some wild hog meat by my boss! 2 shoulders and a rack of ribs, from a younger one. I've aways gotten my pork from the grocery store, so this will definitely be a new experience. 

    I didn't feel like settin up my Weber Smokey Mountain, so I tried to use my Weber Spirit as a smoker with some mesquite wood. Treated the shoulders like any pork butt I'd usually get: smoke in 225-250 degrees until IT of 205.

    Ribs got the 2-2-1 method with a little beer in it (Fat Tire). Stuck all this meat in the fridge for later. Sidenote, the membrane never comes off this easily when I used grocery pork. Had to get a shot.

    Wrapped, stacked and ready to go

    Home made smoke pouch. Gonna make a bigger one next time, didn't get as much smoke as I wanted.

    Ready to go!

    A couple hours in

    Ribs turned out great. So tender, there's a lot more meat on there than you can see.

    The meat in my left hand is sliding off as I held it for the pic!

    The aftermath...

    Shoulders did great as well. Chopped one up and shredded the other.

  2. Looks awesome! Id love to try me some wild hog, not too many of them buggers running around in Canada though.lol
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    Tasty looking smoke!
  4. Nice job , those were some big ribs
  5. The meat want nearly as gamey as I thought it would be. Still mildly gamey, but only enough to add to the flavor, not distract :)

    I'm told this is because it was young.
  6. Ya, they seem to non existent here in southern Ontario. If they were here, I would hunt then down for the free pork
  7. Leftover sammies with zuccini relish!

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