Whole Bottom Round and a Rump

Discussion in 'Beef' started by cp6485, Dec 21, 2014.

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    So I thought I should finally start my first thread after lurking for several months.  Living in New Orleans it is hard not to love a good Roast Beef Poor(Po) Boy.  Bought a whole 12# bottom round roast and separated it into two roasts and cut off the thin ends to brown and make some rice and gravy.  I also had a rump in the freezer so I am adding that to the two roasts cut from the whole bottom round.  Made a simple rub with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and crushed red pepper and the veggies for gravy.

    I was going to braise them in the pan while smoking but just before putting them on the WSM I decided to remove them from the pan because I was not going to be able to fit much beef broth in the pan.  When I add the beef broth after an hour I will show how they are set up now that they are removed from the pan.
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  2. It should be good.


    Happy smoken.

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    As promised...a little over an hour in I added the beef broth to the veggies and you can see how I stole one of my wife's cooling racks to add a shelf to the top rack in the WSM.  I had to cut the corners off to get the lid on but it has been working great the last few smokes.

  4. Looking good, keep those pictures coming 

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    We'll be watching, looking excellent.
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    Ran short of time because we promised the to take the kids to see Christmas Lights tonight so I I don't have pictures of all of the steps.  Here is the bottom round roasts right out of the smoker

    and packaged and frozen

    We were running late so I missed the slicing and gravy part but thought I should at least post this even though you cant see anything since we just chunked the slices in the bag and vacuum sealed them.  Maybe I can take pictures once defrosted if I remember.
  7. Nice job !

  8. Looks great!
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    Well I said I would get some assembled picks so here you go.  Drop the roast beef in the hot gravy just to warm it up

    Then put it on some french bread along with some gravy

    Then add some cheese and toast just to crisp up the very outside of the bread.  If you don't do this you are missing out on the step that turns a good po-boy into an amazing po-boy!

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    Not sure I could get my once broken old jaw around that sammy but I would dang sure try! Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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