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  1. Just curious who all stacks their DO's. If I'm cooking in my tiny back yard at the apartment, I like to stack my 10" on the 12". I have a Camp Chef 12" with feet on the lid to double as a skillet. It works perfectly with the 10" stove top DO I got from my great grandmother. A main course in the 12(pot roast is the most requested at home) and either desert or bread in the 10. If I do bread, I roll up some foil to hold a few briquettes on the domed lid.

    I'd like to hear what others do. Next time I cook out back, I'll be sure to take some pics.
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    I am a stacker..

    We made dinner for about 50 people here...

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  3. Holy cow! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had that many. Id probably end up with a boatload of leftovers.
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    This was done at Scout Camp...

    Two of the ovens were mine the rest belong to a few others and the Troop.
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  5. Nice,

    We do alot of dutch with our scouts as well.  My boy gets his arrow of light this spring, we are all excited.  There will be a dutch oven dinner along with a lamb done Churrascaria.

    My fav is pineapple upside down cake in the dutch made with 7 up
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    very nice any D view pics of that one??
  7. I made some stuffing and apple cobbler for Thanksgiving yesterday. I think My neighbor got a shot of them. My camera got left outside last night and it rained. No SD card and the camera won't turn on. Had a few shots of the smoker going as well. I'm bummed a little.

    Had my neighbor send a pic to FB for me.

    Here y'all go.

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  8. Sorry about the camera, however, nice stack
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  9. I stack sometimes. I have a pic of one that I had biscuits in the bottom and cooking tomato gravy on top. I'll see if I can find it.
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    Good use of resources!  I've got a not great photo of a Cub Scout event, I was doing a demonstration of Dutch Oven cooking. Brownies in the 12" Lodge on the bottom (inverted pie pan inside the DO, a baking pan on top of that holding the brownies), enchiladas in the 10" Lodge on top of that, and cooking hot dog on skewers above the topmost layer of coals.

    My wife used to laugh at my Lodge cookware. After a few years I believe she may have come around.
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  11. I have several DO's without feet and with rounded lids.  WOK rings work for me to hold briquets on top - but they will slide off if you're not careful.
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  12. OK, I know this is an old thread but I figured I'd toss in my 2 cents. When I was involved with scouts, we did a big dutch oven cook out and we fed 250 hungry scouts out of just dutch ovens. We had 50 or so 12 and 15" cast iron ovens going, most stacked 5-6 high. Took 30 adults to keep it all in check but the food was incredible. I need to drag mine out of mothballs and do some DO cooking again. Been years.
  13. Though I occasionally will stack two, I usually stack more than that only if I'm showing off. Where I do most of my Dutch oven cooking, neither space nor fuel is at a premium.

    For those trying to make do with domed lids, one trick is to invert them, so they form a shallow bowl. That will hold the hot coals much better than most jury-rigged devices, while still performing its primary function as a lid.

  14. I'm a stacker!

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