White Balsamic in sauce

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  1. Ran it through the Search engine and didn't get a hit, so....

    Anyone ever try substituting white balsamic for apple cider or white wine vinegar? Was thinking of doing a swap on a generic sauce recipe...not on something epic!

    Thanks for whatever constructive input you may have!
  2. kathrynn

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    Last Year some time there was a thread with balsamic vinegars.  Folks were talking about a 15 year aged one.  Someone did mention the white in the thread.

    Looks for articles with just the name balsamic vinegars....and you might find it.

    Here is one to start with.


  3. Thanks Kat!! That really looks yummy, but I'm looking for white balsamic...tons of stuff on red or dark...had some really tasty white in Monterey last weekend and thought I'd have a lash at it.

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