Which tube and pellets?

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  1. I am really hoping that I will be able to smoke some trout this winter.  I own an MES 30, and I am not able to get smoke at a low enough temp to do fish, so I was thinking a tube and some pellets would solve this issue for me.  I was thinking a 6 inch tube with apple would be good for trout.  What are your thoughts?  The fish would be fairly small, so IT temp would probably be met within a few hours smoking at a temp of 170, so I thought a 6 inch would burn long enough to give the fish a nice light smoke flavor.  Are these tubes pretty simple to use?  Fill the tube, torch the crap out of the pellets, let burn for 10-15, extinguish flame, put in smoker.  is that basically the process?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Also, is there a classifieds section on here?  I am a cheap ass, and if i can buy a tube used and save a few bucks, that's what i'd do.  Thanks!
  2. I would look at the 5 x 8 AMNPS instead. It was made for the MES. Some have said that the tube gives them to much smoke. With the AMNPS you can light both ends if you want more smoke. 

    Yes it is pretty easy to use as long as you take the time to get it going. Also make sure you are using dry pellets.

    Yes their is a classified section but good luck with finding a used AMNPS. Everyone I know likes theirs and isn't selling.

    Happy smoken.


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