Where to buy Brisket close to NYC

Discussion in 'Beef' started by surfcast23, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find whole briskets in or close to NYC at a resonable price? I tried on the hook, but they wanted 10.99/lb.
    and my local butcher wants 6.99/lb
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  2. wrinkles

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    I got a 12 lb packer from schatzie the butcher on Amsterdam and 87th last week, it was 5.95/lb I think. Prime grade beef, he was able to get it next day for me. Certainly a lot more pricey than Walmart but it's walking distance for me.
  3. Thanks I'll give them a call if I can't find anywhere in Brooklyn.
  4. lancer

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    If there is a Super Wally-mart any where within a reasonable distance try calling them.  They usually have them.

  5. Jetro/Restaurant Depot will have them at a great price. Only problem is they're not open to the public. You need a business tax ID to get a membership. If you know someone who owns a restaurant, they are probably a member and you could use their card. There are a couple stores in Brooklyn and many in and around NYC.
  6. 1968caddy

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    I live in Florida wholesale prices are at $2.94lb

    I am driving up there is a couple of weeks and would be glad to bring as much as you want to buy and make a fair profit.

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