Where to buy a decent packer trim brisket in Cincinnati

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by denverlittle, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. denverlittle

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    Good Morning Everyone - Being born and raised in southwest Oklahoma I'll have to admit that I was spoiled. Sams, Walmart, local butchers all carried whole packer trimmed briskets, 18 - 20 lb beautiful looking briskets were easily found everywhere. Now that I live in Cincinnati I can't find a one, all anyone carries is flats and I'm getting frustrated. Anybody know where I can get a quality piece of meat locally?
  2. 05sprcrw

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    I wish I could be more help but your best bet would be to find a local butcher shop or ask one of the meat departments to order them in for you.
  3. Talk to the butcher at the grocery store and have them get you one....most will accommodate you....super Walley Worlds here carry them and have clearance prices on thursdays....
  4. jbh2

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    I buy all of my briskets from Eckerlin Meats in Findlay Market. Excellent quality meats and fantastic customer service. 
  5. Yep!  I gotta order mine.  They ain't even heard of a packer trim brisket in England, but if you know what to ask for they will get it.  Not packer trimmed but I can trim some fat myself.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  6. xutfuzzy

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    I agree with Eckerlins as a good place to go.  Also down in Findlay Market is Mackie Meats, and while they may not have a full packer, they do carry brisket and are terrific at customer service.  I have special ordered many things there.  I highly recommend Mackie Meats.  If you are living out on the west side of Cincinnati, I also have had pretty good service with Humbert's.
  7. christovaltx

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    hey denverlittle

    I'm from WestTexas and you are right about the brisket. The biggest problem up here is that a butcher has to buy a whole case, (6 to8 briskets) and they don't sell that much here. Ohioans don't know how to properly smoke a whole brisket and they surely don't know what they are missing. They look at you with a strange look when you also ask for goat.

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