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    Some of the Bosses cookbooks state that for medium beef the temperature needs to be 160*, to be well done the internal temperature needs to be 170*. When browsing around the internet I see several sites that say 135-145* is medium, 145-155* is considered medium well and 155* and up is considered well done. So what's the deal? Cooked a steak the other day to 160* and it was very no where well done in the Bosses eyes........gotta keep the wife happy lol....
  2. I recommend you cook however your friends/family like it.  Everyone get's to pick their own level of doneness.  Whether that's a 200*F steak or a 135*F steak.  That way you'll be asked to cook more.

    I believe 125*F is rare

    135*F is med rare

    145*F is medium

    155*F is medium well

    165*F is well done
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    Bama's temps are commonly used in the industry to describe the finished internal temps of meat. We usually pull the meat off 5-10°F less (20° in going in a cooler) and let Carryover finish the last few degrees while the meat rests.

    My Mom once asked for her steak to be cooked "Well Done" in an expensive Steak House that prided themselves on the quality of their steak's and preparation. The Owner, who was personally taking the order, told her," If you want to eat a Dried Out Piece of Shit, McDonald's is up the street! " My Dad, a Butcher and having warned her, chuckled and said," She'll have the Roast Pork..."

    People have no idea how good meat can be eating it well done...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Thanks for the early morning laugh. I have been telling Ernestina ever since I met her that by cooking something til it is well done is cooking the flavor out of it, but she doesn't want to hear it. She has been eating shoe leather her whole life because that's how her parents fed her. My dad liked his beef step away from mooing, if it did not squirt blood when cut he wouldn't eat it...Thanks again
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    Start a "LOG BOOK" for your cooks , copy this chart in it and you'll have proof of doneness  . . . [​IMG]

    Besides the "LOG" will help you greatly [​IMG]  .

    Have fun and . . . 

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