What's your occupation?

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  1. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Yes I am in Charlotte, NC. I live in the Cotswold area. It is an awesome thing to be doing what you love and loving what you do. Makes the days so much better,

  2. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    OMG!! I lived on McAlway for YEARS!!! In the big stone house (if you've been there a while you know the house!!) -- Moved out to Mint Hill in '05 :) we are 10 minutes from each other!!!
  3. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Very cool. I am right near your old house. Live on woodlark between randolph and mcalway. Nice to know we are neighbors.

  4. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    That's so cool; did you see the poll in the observer today for the best 'Q in the Queen City? Lol, apparently they didnt have our addresses ;)
  5. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    I didn't see that. Did Saucemans make the poll? You gonna be at the 2nd annual NC que next month? 
  6. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    They did!!! I don't know anything about it... Been doin' a MareStare for a couple of weeks!!
    I'm havin a baby!! So I've been pretty in and out between staring and working... Details!! When, where?!
  7. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    The Q info is here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/...okers-gathering-april-26th-27th-and-28th-2013

    Congratulations on the upcoming arrival. That is awesome. Have 2 of my own and they are a blast! 

  8. johnnyt

    johnnyt Smoke Blower

    As of this month, I'm a journeyman machinest. Only took me 6 years to get through the apprenticeship, due to the bad economy and rolling layoffs.
  9. I'm a farmer and a Trapper, My wife and i, own and operate a mid size cow/calf operation of 162 head( at the moment, herd size goes up and down.), I also have a mid size feedlot and we feed up to 200 horses at a time for the meat trade, We also cash crop in and around 400 acres of land, mainly hay, corn, soybeans, and mixed grain. I'm also a trapper, and run a fairly long trapline in season, I trap mostly coons, coyote, red fox, skunk, and muskrats, and put up quite a bit of fur every year
  10. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    I am a painter for the rich and I am talking multimillionaires. Live in west central mo> and work in Mission Ks. mainly. Been doing it over 30 yrs. Am so sick of them rich bastards. Cannot hardly take it anymore. I amtalking Kempers, Ferrall gas and they trickle down in with kids and all. Can I say more. I am restoiring an old tractor and raise hay, maybe this year.  Have land and try to do different things with it
  11. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    What kinda a hay! I'm always up for a road trip to get great hay!!!
  12. Advertising: Conception to Distribution; Media, Video, Photography, Sound Design, Composition, and Scoring for Radio, TV, Film, and Publishing.  I make things look cool [​IMG]
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  13. 911tacoma

    911tacoma Fire Starter

    Paramedic and Deputy Coroner for a large county 911 service for 23 years. I work a 24 hour shift then I am off for 48 hours in which I am the Director of Operation of a private non-emergency ambulance service in Murfreesboro, Tn., so I basically have weekends that dont fall on my 24 hour shift of in which I sit on the farm and watch the grass grow or mowing and keeping up with a four year old.
  14. rampageturbo

    rampageturbo Newbie

    I've been working for the power company for 28 years and I've had 2 of my 3 career jobs there.  Been an auto mechanic and am now an electrician at a power plant.  My first career job?  I was a meatcutter for 7 1/2 years out of high school, first got into smoking meat about 30 some years ago when the boss moved into custom slaughtering and bought a commercial smoker.
  15. I am a regional truck driver.  I drive a double trailer rig of bulk cement powder to various gold mines around Nevada.  I am also a woodturner by a hobby and business.  I am relatively new to smoking.  I just got my second smoker, but I guess the first doesn't count as it was a POS I used about 5 times and it never worked right
  16. dslilya

    dslilya Newbie

    I retired from the military in 2009 after 27 years of active and Guard time. I also have been working for the State for the last 20 years.
  17. Thank you for your service!!! Welcome to the forums!
  18. dslilya

    dslilya Newbie

    Thank you very much. I would do it all over again in an instant if I could! I was a heck of a ride!
  19. dslilya

    dslilya Newbie

    Thank you very much. I would do it all over again in an instant if I could! I was a heck of a ride!
  20. I'm a Electrician for 30 + years like my father.

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