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  1. I have Cherry, Hickory, or maple...I am going to be getting ready to smoke a Brisket..what wood would be best for this?
  2. I would say any and all of the above. Its all about what you like!!!

    Good luck with the brisket [​IMG]
  3. well I use apple for ribs...and love that...but didnt know what was common for brisket....I think I may go with Hickory
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    Any or all of the above would be great. Some like a smokier taste some milder. Hickory is the strongest out of the three, then the maple then the cherry.

    I don't smoke any beef but for pork I usually use hickory or pecan. I save the fruit woods like apple and cherry for the poultry.

    You can't go wrong with any of them!!
  5. Would it be wise to mix like maple, and Cherry together?
  6. ron50

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    I never have but can't imagine it would be bad. Cherry is super mild and maple is not very strong either.
  7. play with 1 wood-no need to mix at this point-hickory mesquite-brings strong flavor-fruits give a milder taste-good for fowl-fish-no need to mix strong & fruit-
  8. as far as brisket I would go with hickory
  9. I would mix Hickory and Cherry, this combo seems to work for just about everything.
  10. You want TEXAS style...BEEF & MESQUITE...

    I prefer (actually, my wife) a 'lighter smoke'...Hickora'

    --apple wood combo...with my pork

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