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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by pellet, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. What if you were was to have xmas dinner on Sunday and had a turkey to smoke for a noon meal call and the weather called for a temp of 33 degrees and a 50% chance of rain?

    The day before,(Saturday),the forecast was in the low 40's and no rain in the forecast for that day.

    Would you, start the smoke around 6 or 7 PM on Saturday?

    Do the turkey on Saturday, rest it, carve it and put in the fridge, then to the roaster in the AM on Sunday?

      Or Start early on Sunday morning and attempt a smoke like normal and hope for the 50% chance of no rain?

    I am not concerned with the temp as much as I am the chance of rain. I have a welding blanket to put over the smoke chamber, Its the 50% chance of rain that has me strategizing! 

     I have smoked with a 40 % chance before but it was not for a holiday dinner and managed with a little precip. but things turned out fine!

     Changing the dinner to Saturday would be the best, but not possible at this point!
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    I have smoked in the rain a few times. Will most likely do so this weekend.  I just don't use my fancy gadgets other than my Maverick. 

    No issue at all smoking it the day before.  The skin won't be as crispy but the meat will be fine and still moist. 

    Personally, for poultry I think it is best served on the day it is smoked/cooked. The juices just seem to flow better.  Seems like they get reabsorbed into the cells when served the second day.  The juices are still there and the meat is just as moist.  Could just be my imagination.

    Bottom line, folks will love it either way because so few non-smokers ever get to taste a good smoked turkey.     
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    I did two 20 pound birds on Wed for TG. I sliced and panned the meat with Gravy, Broth works too, covered with foil and into the refer. On Thursday, I reheated at 325°F to an IT of 160, took 50 minutes. The meat was fantastic, tender and juicy. The best part was every ones taste buds were not burned out from smelling it cook. There was no timing issues and no crunch from running late. Dinner was heat and eat, very relaxed. I will never do it any other way than cook the day before...JJ
  4. Thanks, that gives me some relief on what ever I decide on. Like I said, I have smoked with some drizzle and some rain drops.

    I have done turkeys for other family members the day before and no one knew it was made the day before except me and the family member!. It just seems like this would be one of those times that the whole smoke would go wrong, with the forecast and the pressure of having it on the table at noon!

     I've only had one charcoaled brisket over the years and that was with the first cook on a cheap charboil horizontal offset smoker!

    The wife is getting better about asking me what time to tell the family when dinner will be ready. She just didn't ask this time when they decided on the day for our Christmas.

    I do have a E-Z up tent to use if I have to, or another cheap welding blanket and take the smoker to my wood shop and put the stack just out the door and the firebox over the top of the welding blanket for the ash pan.

    Now all I have to decide is if I do the smoke Saturday, is going to beer, bourbon or scotch?

    Or if I wait til Sunday AM, is it going to coffee, tea or Cranapple juice? Thanks again for the response! Ill try to get some pics before  I carve it!

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