What cut is Pork Chops ?

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  1. I'm sorry if this is dumb, but we buy meat at our Asian market. They have whole pork chop & you can have them cut it to whatever thickness you want. What is this "rack ?" called. I bought a whole piece & had it cut in half so I can smoke it. Then I plan on cutting it to thick slices to eat. I'm not sure how I'll prepair it right now.
    Sat I'm doing a pork picnic soaked in a hot Korean marinade, injected also, rubed with Jeff's rub, & mop with the marinade with apple cider vinager mix. My son & wife have started to love pulled pork.........I try to keep it around but it doesn't stay around very long (my son loves it on rice & soon I'll get my wife to make her meat eggrolls-has cabbage, green beans, carrots-- & use pulled pork instead of ground port....she is already using my brisket for a noodle dish she makes).
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    It sounds to me like it is a Bone-in loin. This consists of the center loin (what boneless chops are from) and the back ribs. When these are cut in to chops they are usually called a rib chop. If it still has the tenderloin attached then its a whole loin and when cut it to chops they are called center cut chops. I think what you have is what is called a loin roast though. Without seeing it I can only assume.
  3. Thanks sdesmond. It does have the bones. When I get it out & thaw it...I'll take a pic & post it.
    It looks like a pork chop but is about 2 to 3 feet long.
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    From the pic below, did it look like the Center Cut loin section?

    from the end:
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    If it were beef it would be the rib steak.
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    As Pops pic shows, "pork chops" of one kind or another are cut from much of the animal. Meat merchants make things even more difficult by giving them fictitious names that have little resemblance to their place of origin. One pic of a chop in question, and I am sure Pops will locate it within the horizontal inch of the critter. LOL
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    all pork chops are cut from the loin ! !

    theres the rid end and center and loin end
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    Not necessarily; there are shoulder chops from the arm shoulder, pork steaks from the butt, sirloin tip, top, bottom, eye and rump chops from the hind leg also. Every now and then we'd get a fresh leg in our batches to make into hams that would have a bruise in it that would not make into a good ham so we'd have to merchandise it out into it's parts that were salvagable. We'd bone and slice and make many of the cuts into Italian breaded pork cutlets too that sold very well, or butterflied chops out of top or bottom, thick cut out of eye, etc.
  9. Pops, if I remember right it looks just like that pic:

    It was twice as long as that pic (large on one end & gets smaller on the other).
  10. Pops, Hope you don't mind if I archive your half hog picture for reference.
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    That's a bone in pork loin. You can cut it as is and have bone in chops or you can roll the meat off the bones and have a boneless pork loin which can be sliced into boneless pork chops. Enjoy.
  12. I want to just rub them, smoke 'em, then slice them with the bone So they need to be done in the middle (not well done, not pink either) . I plan on smoking at around 225-250*. At what temp should I remove from smoker & wrap/rest ?

    Edit: I found this post by mballi3001
    Now I have smoked chops before but I have a recipe for you. Ok go to the store/butcher and get you a whole bone in pork loin. Then have them trim or split the bone so you can cut it with a knife. Then smoke it as usual and take it to about 160-165 and then eat up. Then cut the rst into chops and put them into the food saver ( it should be madnitory here) and freeze them in pairs. Then when you have the hankering for chops pull them out and steam them hot and it is like a pure slice of heaven. All the juices and flavors get to mingle and all that really good stuff. So give it a try and ebjoy."

    I didn't have the bones split....is it going to be easy to cut ?
  13. I would go no more than 160* There is no fat and it[s a very lean pc that if over cooked would be a disaster. I'd rather have it slightly pink (150) than over done.165* If it's to pink for you you could always throw the individual slice on the grill for 30 sec. per side.
  14. Thanks.......thats what I plan to do.

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