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  1. Hello all, 

    I just don't have the time to be at home tending my horizontal offset smoker anymore. Between work and side jobs I don't get to enjoy a perfectly barked beef brisket, or applewood ribs with my BBQ sauce, or making my deer jerky. So I've decided to buy an electric smoker so I can be a little more hands off and smoke my meat while I am at work. However there are so many out there I just have no idea where to start. Do any of you have them and what are your reviews on them?
  2. I vote 1st generation MES40 with a AMNPS.....Regaurdless of what you deside. Take a look at the AMNPS

    Happy smoken.

  3. Being new at smoking can you please tell me what AMNPS stands for, also where is a good place to buy the masterbuilt?  I was looking at this one while I was searching.  
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    A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker. I used mine yesterday to do a cold smoke on some butter and cheese.

    Here's a pic of it from yesterday after I was done smoking:

    Here is the kind of smoke it was generating. Yes, I was using my propane smoker but without any propane heat. Just the AMNPS. With ice in the drip pan on a warm day, I was able to keep the temp around 74*:
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  5. Like theMule69 or Cmayna says, An AMNPS and a Masterbuilt 30 or 40 inch model would work good.  I own the 30 inch model and the AMNPS, this is so set it and forget it, anybody could do it.

    And besides that, unless you work 7 days a week, smoking is a time for friends and brews.  There is just no other way to do it.

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]
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  6. With the A-Maze-An product does burning it from both ends have any real value?  Also what are your opinions on the bradley smokers?  The masterbuilt and pellet maze seem like a very good alternative, yet curioisity still has the best of me for the bradleys, also where did you guys get the best deals on the masterbuilts?  
  7. MES30 & AMNPS work great for me. Put on my chicken cordon bleu at 250* lit the Amzn and when to church. I picked up an MES at and used wifes Red Card. Shipping was free and got 5% off... $152 to the front door. Hope that helps a bit!
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    I'm running a Smokin' It watt burner that is working out quite well. I can put things on late at night and wake up to an aroma filled porch with no worries. They are a little more expensive than the MES but they have 4 sizes now. Many posts on here about them, just type in Smokin It in the search bar. I am now also looking seriously at a pellet burner as the 'best of both worlds'? Doesn't need a lot of attention, has the feel of a pit and the controls have been improved quite a lot. Been looking at Green Mountain specifically, but the Yoder looks awesome. There is a local dealer of GM so there would be no S&H charge for me. Decisions, hind sight I would now say I kinda wish I had considered the pellet burner more seriously at the time....Willie. I would NOT buy a new generation MES though, regardless of the price. Just my 2 cents....
  9. What is wrong with the new generation MES?  I see quite a few people are recommending the 1st.  Is there any place to still get first generation?  Are you against even the new MES30?  
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    Some old ones are still around and IF you can find one they run pretty well from what I understand & many here are very happy with them. I almost bought a new gen one from Cabelas but missed the sale & they shot up to 400+ dollars. I passed and after a while was very glad I did as reports & reviews started rolling in from very disappointed users. My Home Depot had a few out on display and, truthfully, I couldn't believe how cheesy the MES 30 seemed for what they were asking. This is totally my opinion of course, and others have a different view. I'm on a fairly limited income/budget so want/expect top quality when I spend that kinda dough. This may help you out from Todd Johnson who did an extensive review/comparison of the new/old models with pages of input from forum users.  Like the man said, I wanna 'buy once & cry once' and not regret my purchase in a few months. Most outgrow the MES 30 pretty quickly but I guess they aren't that expensive to get started with. I research really really hard before buying anything costing hundreds of dollars (slightly anal) and read ALL postings here & elsewhere on what I'm considering. I just passed up a GMG sale (100 off) because seeing them in person left me un-impressed to pull the trigger that day. Maybe the Made in China thing turned me off, I dunno. I want a US made Yoder.....I should just hold off, save up and get what I want. Again, my opinion only...I've never owned a MES but some swear by them
  11. I understand completely.  I have a firebox on my charboiler duo.  It is pretty bad in the smoking aspects of things, but works fine as a grill.  I am just starting to get into smoking and was very displeased with the performance so far of my grill.  It doesn't hold heat to save its life and the smoke pretty much by passes right over the meat.  I know there are modifications out there I can do to produce what I want, but right now I am just really interested in buying something once that is trust worthy, easy and has longevity.  I will probably keep doing research for at least another month before I lay down my hard earned money.  
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    I've had both the gen 1 and gen 2 mes and so many problems with the gen 2 controllers, heat variation, airflow, etc. I gave up on it. Bought it last december and have had a working unit for about 13 weeks. This after masterbuilt sending me 2 replacements in six months. Can't recommend it. First gen was a pretty nice smoker and combined with a maverick temp monitor and an AMAZN smoke tray is a nice set and forget unit. BUT, be sure to check out the Smokin It line for a real nice, solidly built cooker.
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    Good for your due diligence, eliminate what's not for you and zero in on what will work best for what you want to do. I, like you, are busy so cannot nor want to do the constant watching & feeding of a RF or offset. I had a propane verticle but one cannot leave that burning overnight and sleep well.
  14. Okay well after my searching for answers I still have no idea what I want, but maybe if I describe what Im looking for I can get some more opinions.  Basically I want to be able to smoke a few days worth of food at once.  If I want to do a brisket, some ribs, and couple chicken halves at the same time that would be great since I still really only have weekends where I don't work constantly. I still want something that will be easy and for filling.  A very set it and forget it type smoker.  Electric is key so I don't have to constantly worry about temp.  The AMANPS seems like a definite buy no matter which unit I go with.  Also I need something cheap to run since I barely get by now as it is, also the unit would be preferably kept to 300 and under.  Since that is what the recent bonus I got at work involves.  With this criteria can you guys give me some options and links to at least do some more research myself? 

    So basically the power point for those who need a brief criteria: 

    -Set it and forget it


    -Enough room to do several meals for 2 at once

    -Under $300.00 


    Thanks guys, you've all been really great help so far.  
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    I have an electric CharBroil Vertical smoker.  It was free.

    Mine does have the temperature controller, like an electric griddle.  It is marked from Low to High. The temp. controller works better than the ones that are always on.

    To generate smoke, you put either a wood chunk or chips wrapped in aluminium foil with holes in it between 2 lengths of the heating coil.  Works ok.  I am working on some modifications to make the above mentioned AMNPS work correctly.

    It will hold 1 Pork butt on each of the 2 racks.  Larger briskets would have to be cut to fit inside of the smoker.

    People who own the electronic controls of the MES smokers rave about them.

    My Brother in-law has the smaller Green Mountain Pellet Grill which is basically electric.  He really likes it.  I bought him the tubular version of the AMNPS that is supposed to be able to smoke in the low oxygen environment in pellet grills.  I haven't heard how it has worked for him.  The AMNTS won't generate smoke for as long as the AMNPS in a regular smoker.  It would need refreshed more often, but it should work in that grill.  Those are expensive grills, well above the $300 limit, but their owners rave about them.  You may be able to get Todd from Amazen Products to make you a longer tube smoker, or weld 2 together.  His customer service it outstanding.

    If I had to replace my grill & smoker at the same time, I would seriously consider one of them.


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