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  1. if i add cheese and jalapenos to my snack sticks, how much per pound should i use. first time ever so just a starting point, not to hot, or cheesey

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    I would add cheese powder so it didn't melt and fat out... as far as an amount.. I have no idea... I would start with about 1% and adjust on a second batch.... We use the cheese powders on popcorn... good stuff... and it don't take much....

    As far a jalps go, depends how hot and if they are dried... Start small so the sticks are edible... and finely chop the peps so every bite has a small amount.....
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    There is a butcher supply store in MS that sells peppers and cheese by the bound to go in sausage. I think on there web site it tells how many pounds of sausage a pound of ether will do. I will send u a pm with there. Name in it. I hope it will help
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    For cheese, I go 5% and use hi-temp.  I haven't tried the powder before.

    For the peppers, I would add a little, mix, and do a fry test.  No, not the same flavor as after smoking, but you'll get an idea of pepper heat and distribution.  If it isn't hot enough, you can add more.

    It's hard to determine an exact amount of peppers to add since each batch tends to differ in the heat.
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    I just eye it and wing it as far as the cheese goes, and I do mostly pre mixed seasonings which I really like, I did buy some Jap powder just in case I was needing some

    Good luck 

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    High temp cheese is recommended 1 lb to 10-12 lbs of meat... as for Japs... it's hard to go by weights like the cheese as the peppers differ in heat from one to the other...
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    Cheese should be added at no more than 10%!  Thats also what i use for rule of thumb on peppers to!  If u keep ur smoker temp under 175 u can use regular cheese!  For snack stix if u use the high temp pulse it thru a mini food chopper a few times to break it up!
  8. thanks to all for the cheese and pepper ratios, this is the weekend i will try. rainy weekend, good to make lots of sausage.

  9. [​IMG]  I use 4.5oz per five pounds of meat for the cheese. when you are making sticks you are using either a 1/2" or 3/8' tube and then the cheese cubes have to be cut (smaller) so as  when stuffing (think gunite/shot crete) not to create a plug when stuffing. a plug can put enough pressure when unstuck on the casings to cause a blow out. now just one more issue to deal with.

    when I am doing 16mm casings I cut the cheese 3/16"and smaller due to the above an still get occasional plugs.

    for the jalapenos my first attempt was to devein them and toss into a Cuisinart. the end result was excess liquid (which I added in and adjusted out some water)  thinking I would pick up the flavor better. the end result looked great but was very soft and no heat with a little flavor.

    second go around I hand chopped the jalapenos and kept the vein and seeds. instead of using six very thick walled large peppers per 5lbs I increased it to 12 peppers hand chopped the same. the result was much better but not quite right even according to the many testers that we all seem to have available.

    the current recipe we use we have now moved it to 12 -18 jalapenos hand chopped full and the result is very little (pepper juice) to deal with, great taste and the heat is very mellow, it does not slap you in the face but you get it in the back ground.

    if any one would like the recipe please contact me,

    Keep On Smokin,


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