Venison/Pork Snack Sticks

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by buccosnation, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    new to the game and have a few questions. Whats the major difference between callogen and sheep casings? I want to make snack stick but the price difference between the two is outrageous. And at what point does what HAVE to be used vs the other? Thanks in advance.
  2. redheelerdog

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    It is really a personal preference, collagen are made by a machine and natural is... natural.

    Allot of guys here use collagen for snak stix and natural for bratts, etc.

    Here are a bunch of posts on the subject: SMF Collagen vs Natural

    If you are making snack stix then collagen is fine.

    Have fun!
  3. jckdanls 07

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    yes.. I would start out using collagen until you get the hang of it... natural sheeps take a little more finess as they burst (blow out) easier when stuffing .. they will also break at times when hanging long strands in the smokehouse ...

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