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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ron eb, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. ron eb

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    I usually use cowboy chunk. Should I break larger pieces down to uniform chunks or should I switch

    to kingsford to have uniform pieces? Im using a modified brinkman smoker. Looking to do 2 butts this weekend.
  2. If I understand your post, you are asking about lump charcoal and if you should break the larger pieces down.

    I would not break them down, unless they do not fit into your smoker/coal basket.

    I have used the Cowboy lump in the past and found that it burned quickly.

    I switched to Red Oak a while ago and have been pretty happy with it.  It burns slower and seems to burn hotter than Cowboy or any other type that I have tried.

    Typically, I use the minion method when firing up the smoker.

    I load the basket with lump and then "scoop" the center out about halfway down where I then place a lit chimney, half full, of roaring hot coals.

    This will get the lump burning pretty good, and a loaded basket usually lasts about four to five hours.

    Good luck!
  3. Here was what I did for my butt smoke.

    Last smoke I did I started out with 2 chimneys of lit kingsford competition briquettes.
    Got good heat quick. Then added lit chimneys of lump (royal oak). Worked out really well. Good Luck!!!

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