Two 15 lb butt roasts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by swalker, Jun 13, 2010.

  1.    We are having our 21st annual moto guzzi rally next weekend. So my lovely wife brings me home two 15lb pork butt roasts...Rubbed em down yesterday afternoon and on the smoker this morning at 5:30am.   I like the 195 to 200 degree range for pulling. I also use 1part Captain Morgans spiced rum to 3parts apple juice for a spritz. Puts a really nice bark on the meat. Hoping to have them finished and ready for pulling in 10 hours or so...Good luck with your smok'in...

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    Great looking start..I noticed in the picture that they are touching each other in the smoker...Might help get more bark and smoke on all sides if u seperate them just a little..I'll be looking for more pics as u post them...[​IMG]
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    Looks like a good start!!  Is that 15 lbs each or a twin pack that weighs 15 lbs?
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    Everything sure looks great so far. You will be really eating good at your rally too.
  5. 30 lbs total...They were split like that in the package... Which I think was a good idea for smoking...
  6.    7.5 hours in the smoker...Looking good I think...

  7. what smoker you use?
  8. Great lookin meat dude!
  9. when the butts are that big, i have the store i bought them at cut them in half. it cuts hours off of the cooking time and you get more of the exterior bark and therefore more flavor in the finished product.
  10. GOSM Great Outdoor Smoky Mountain...I really like it...I pulled these at 204 degrees. About 11hours of smok'in...[​IMG]
  11. I bagged all the meat and put it in the freezer...I will be serving it this weekend at our Moto Guzzi rally...I am planning on putting it in a couple of crock pots to warm it all up...I think I will add bbq sauce to one and just the finishing sauce to the other....for those that like it plain and have sauce on the side...Any suggestions? Greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Steve

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