Turkey Brining and IT help!

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    Im new to meat smoking and I am about to attempt my first smoke. Boneless Turkey Breast is going to be my first smoke. I need some good recipes for brine and seasoning. What should the internal temperature be when the bird is done. I am new to smoking so any tips and tricks are welcome and encouraged!!!
  2. Hello turbopower, thanks for joining us.  There are plenty of people here with a ton of expertise and a will to share.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, someone will always jump in.  You should head over to Roll Call and introduce yourself, and be sure to put your location in your profile, it helps folks to help you.

    You should sign up for Jeff's 5-day e-course (there's a link on the left navigation bar), and while you're at it sign up for his Smoking Meat Newsletter, he's always sharing great recipes.

    If fact, the newsletter that was sent today had a recipe for turkey breast.  Here's the link:


    Now, I just tried this and he must be having some kind of problem with the re-directs on his website, I just got the 404 page not found error.  But I'm sure he'll have it fixed soon.  In the meantime maybe someone else will jump in with their own suggestions.  Here's a chart from the newsletter with some whole turkey smoking time and temperature information:


    A brine recipe that's popular here is Tip's Slaughterhouse Brine Recipe, check it out here:


    Use the search box at the top of the page to search the site, you'll find plenty of good information here.

    Thanks for joining!

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