Trailer build question - registration?

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    When you build a smoker on a trailer, and you also build the trailer, how do you register it to get license plates for it? What I mean is, what's the equivalent of a vehicle identification number? Do you use the serial number from the axle, or something like that? Perhaps that varies by state/nation.
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    Reading the Ohio BMV site.  and it says you only need weight slip and proof of ownership. 

    I would build frame, deck and put tires and lights on it then get it weighed and titled before adding cooker and stuff. 

    In Ohio it says $1.40 per hundred pounds trailer weight. So get it plated then finish the build.

    What are the procedures for titling and registering trailers in Ohio?

    All travel trailers are titled in Ohio at any county Title Office with proof of ownership, application, fees and taxes. If the trailer is on a non-Ohio title, you must first obtain an Ohio out-of-state VIN verification at any Deputy Registrar's office. If the trailer is not a travel trailer and weighs 4,000 pounds or less, you must obtain a weight slip on the trailer and take that and proof of ownership to your Deputy Registrar's office and apply for plates and registration. If the trailer weighs 4,001 pounds or more, you would take proof of ownership and apply for Ohio title at any county Title Office.

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