Tough Question! Best Snack Stick Recipe?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jc03, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. jc03

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    I've been reading through all of these threads and there are some really great recipes for snack sticks. That said I don't know which one to choose. A local butcher shop sells homemade landjaegers that I'm a huge fan of but when I read the recipes on the forums they seemed a little complicated and I didn't have some of the stuff like fermento. Does anyone recommend a pretty simple, straightforward recipe that gives you that sort of flavor with maybe a little kick? I appreciate any thoughts or advice.
  2. stayhot

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    If this is your first time making sticks I would recommend a pre-mixed blend so that you can concentrate on the overall process. There are several out there that are pretty decent otherwise pick one from on here that has the types of seasonings/flavors that you like. You can always add or remove ingredients you like or dislike.
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  3. jc03

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    That is good advice. I already tried one of the premixes, added a little more pepper, etc. , just like you said. After it was done my thought was this tastes good but like a premix. I guess that's where I'm at.
  4. donr

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    Search the forum for landjaeger.  People have posted recipes.  Online places sell the premixed seasonings for this style.  Sausagemaker is one of them.
  5. bkleinsmid

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    P S Seasoning........#790-B......Grandpa's Favorite.

    Best premix I have tried and no special equipment. You can add a little more garlic if you like. I think it adds to the flavor profile.

  6. oberst

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    Keep in mind that how much fat you add will be important, regardless of recipe. Too little fat and sticks can be dry. Some folks like that of course so it's just personal taste. For me, I wouldn't go below 30% fatty pork (butt) if I'm using other lean meat like venison.
  7. jc03

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    Thanks Brad. Where do you find that mix.
  8. jc03

    jc03 Fire Starter

    Thanks everyone. I'll check these out.
  9. c farmer

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    I like A.C. Leggs #116 for sticks. Plus it's easy to add what you want to make it custom
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  10. driedstick

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    Man,,, Loaded question,,,LOL there are some dandy recipes out there you have to do a search and see what you like?? spicey,, sweet?? normal ?? I did one that was a bloody mary snack stick and it was great,, the longer it sat the more it tasted like a bloody Mary,, do small batches, maybe a couple at a time,, lets say 20lbs at 5lbs each a different flavor,, 

    Good luck and let us know 

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  11. bkleinsmid

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    They have a number of good seasoning blends.......3 of them as Landjaeger.

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  12. bkleinsmid

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    #116 is my go to as well. So many little things can be added to that base.......or just by it's self.


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