Tor Rey Slicers?

Discussion in 'Slicers, Grinders, Tools, Equipment' started by cdn offroader, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Anyone using one of these? I have a line on a used one for a reasonable price. looks like good quality commercial grade stuff?
  2. I don't have any experience with them but I do know a guy that has one of their grinders. So far it has worked fine for him...
  3. Well, took the leap and picked it up today, it is a model Rt-350e, with blade sharpener. Used but in good shape, and much heavier duty than I had expected. Anyways here it is ready to chew through some bacon....

     Apple for size comparison purposes.....
  4. Congrats man!  [​IMG]
  5. foamheart

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     You live to far for me to come over and borrow it........<sighs>

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