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  1. slaird

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    Recently I smoked some brisket with a Masterbuilt vertical gas smoker. After about 7 hours I could only get meat temp up to 185°.

    I know that brisket temp should be between 190-200 but it stalled out at 185.

    Any ideas why and/or what I could have done to get beyond that peak?

  2. zachd

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    Give it time... it will get passed the stall

    If I want a quicker smoke I pull out at 160 Internal temp put in a pan with beef broth and wrap in foil.

    Every slice of meat is different I have had things done in 8 hours before only to do it again and the next time it takes 12 hours

    What was the temp of your smoker? I cook mine at 220

    What are you using for thermometers?  I would recommend not using the ones that come with masterbuilt. Mine used to be accurate but now it bounces all over the place when its 200 it will say its like 390

    But ya only thing I would do is give it more time or wrap once you get to 160

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