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  1. Looks like the pit at The Salt Lick BBQ just out of Austin !!!!

  2. [ATTACHMENT=1059]image.jpg (60k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]. Ok, crappy IPad drawing.
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    Tommy Ivo did it in the 60s and 70s

    Can't answer the vandalism thing though. People suck sometimes
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    I have glass doors on my fireplace insert. They do a cold air wash from the top downward. It works fair at best. Stove is hot for days on end though.

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    Great idea it would keep the glass cleaner and help overcome heat loss!!
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    I think the military theme would be awesome, you could use your cross hair logo on the round ends of the CC if you are using a cylnder shape that is. You could have a meat injection station on the trailer and make the injector look like a colt army 45!! Lots of ideas running thru my head.
  7. Just due to time restraints probably not going to go with the glass idea, but defiantly keeping that on the table for later !!! Think we are leaning more to the military themed.

    ideas on that? I know one we want to implement is a muzzle break on the chimney stacks.

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    That pit looks familiar. Is it the pit at the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs?
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    I like this concept[​IMG]

  11. Defiantly cool!!! but to serve as a competition rig it wouldn't fill that need. I do love the craftsmanship that went into this cooker though.
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    If you could find one of these, it would be a good start!

  13. One big thing I'm torn on is, work from the outside of the trailer or work from the inside with an open space down the middle. Pic below shows why. While I get around great constantly stepping up and down gets old. but working from the middle everything is more accessible. This will be our first year competing as our own team, and not helping our buddies at a cook. I'm normally wearing a knee brace on my right leg also


  14. I like working from outside, feels more like an open kitchen. Just make it usable from ground level.
  15. That's what I'm thinking just wanted to get pro and cons of both, I think I can get more on the trailer working from the outside also.
  16. We'll, your wanting to show off the smokers, not the trailer, right?
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    I agree with Ribwizard, work from the ground and make sure it is a workable height. When it comes to construction Ribwizard is the man, I look at it from a catering Chef view. I personally like a RF smoker with at least a 40" diameter. With proper tuning you can have multiple temp cooking zones and 3 shelves.

    Color wise I would do the camo/military theme. I have seen some paracord that has fall colors digital camo and it looked very nice. I think it was black/red/grey/white, I will see if I can find it and post a picture of it.

    Just my $0.02

    I would put all of my work station stuff on one side of the trailer and the storage on the opposite side. This way you can position the trailer where people see the cooker and you. Then all the storage and usual mess is on the back side away from sight.. I know most comps have power, but it is also a good thing to have backup.

    Grey and potable water tanks along with a 12 volt water pump. They have some that are pressure switched that whenever you open a faucet or hose sprayer it turns the pump on. Also hot water for your hand sink and dish washing. There are instant hot water heaters that run on propane.

    Work tables and tent. I would use folding tables with PVC pipe to raise the table to the workable height, maybe 3 or more to start with. A tent with logo, something like a 20'x20' with removable sides. With this size you can cover the smoker in bad weather and still have room to work.

    I would go with LED lights. They draw less power and seem to be more durable, they are also much easier to run off of 12v power. You can also get solar charging panels to keep the batteries topped off.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Sorry the colors are black/grey/red/brownish red

    I know links are bad, but not able to post the picture from an iPad......
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  18. Still don't mean you can't enclose it. I always thought that a enclosed trailer that the side lifted up to make a canopy would be a great way to have a open kitchen and also a lockable unit.

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