To the root of it, It's Just stew (Q-view)

Discussion in 'Dutch Oven Recipes' started by dirtsailor2003, Dec 4, 2012.

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    The weather outside is, crappy. When I woke up this morning I had flash backs of living at the coast. Here on the West Coast we get storms, if we were on the other side of the Pond, they'd be named...

    I was going to do an Irish stew with a good Porter Brewed here in the Mecca of Brews (Bend Oregon). I realized that the beer fridge had been depleted and the only beers left were only suitable for drinking! So I cracked a hopped up ale (that I consumed, or three), and proceeded to cut up the all the veggies!!

    So into the pot the normal Mirepoix, golden beets (these are in right now go get some, fantastic), tri-color potatoes, fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper, one smoked Hot Hatch Chile (I would have put more in, but the kids prefer a bit less heat.) Normally I would sautee all the veggies in batches in the DO, but due to the weather outdoor cooking was out!. Glass top stove and DO's don't work, so crappy fry pan will have to do, Same for braising the meat!

    Round Eye Roast was the cut of meat tonight, it was on sale. Cut it into 1"- 1 1/2" pieces. Braised in Evoo.

    Combine it all together add liquid, in this case it was V-8 (substitute for broth) and water, (enough to coverall ingredients ((spicy v-8 is great if you don't  have any other peppers)) and throw it in the stove, smoker, or over the pit, or hanging over the campfire! At 350 in the oven it took 3 hours to get the taters and beets done.

    So how about some DO-View!!! Only thing that would have made this better would've been some drop biscuits on top. Next time!!!

    Mirepoix, plus garlic in the DO

    Golden Beets getting Happy!

    Potato Tri-Fecta!!

    The meat!

    The spice!

    Into the oven

    Looking good, one hour in! Missing the smoke flavor you get when cooking over the fire or in the smoker


    Still missing those drop Biscuits!!!!!!! Oh well next time!!!
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  2. Looks Great! Making me hungry
  3. Looks real good!!!

  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Thanks!! I wish I'd had some good porter to add! Worcestershire would have been a nice addition. Not sure how we didn't have a bottle of that, we usually have one in the fridge and several in the pantry!

    Tonight we'll have this and drop biscuits. In my opinion stew is always better a day later!
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    So the stew was great last night, but tonight it was FANTASTIC!!!! Amazing what some simple herbed drop biscuits can do!

    Had I been on the ball last night I would have dropped these on top of the stew like dumplings. Simple baking powder drop biscuits with garlic, paprika, and some Italian seasoning added to the batter,

    Bear View YUMMM!  [​IMG]
  6. I don't see how a rainy day could get any better than that. Maybe some warm apple pie for desert.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    My girl makes a mean apple pie! She made one for Thanksgiving, that was gone in a matter of seconds. Felt bad for her mom's pumpkin pie that was only half eaten. Last weekend she and the youngest of my boys and her nephew made another, that disappeared once again in a matter seconds. I still want to make these:

    I suck at crust so hopefully if I'm good I can get my lady to make it for me. Her crust rocks!
  8. I don't know what is wrong with people today. One of the best part of the holidays is pumpkin and sweet potato pie, mincemeat pie and fruit cake. Most that know me also know I will "adopt" all of these unwanted holiday treats. Maybe to many are buying supermarket "look alikes" instead of homemade.That's OK, more for me.


    The last time i tried to make crust, the dog,who spent the entire hour at my feet was white with a 1\8 inch coating of flour. Crust turned out good though.
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    Looks fantastic![​IMG]
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Thank you! Just made a batch of stew a couple days ago, it's that time of year!
  11. bear55

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    Now that is a great meal.
  12. bear55

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    How would you feel about slow cooker for this?
  13. raastros2

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    I know what iam doing the next day off of work!
  14. dirtsailor2003

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    I'd say you need to buy a Dutch oven, lol! If you feel the need I'm sure a crock pot would work.
  15. dave17a

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    Seen your online. Fixing some stew for Saturday hunt. Looks good. Got some doe to put in with beef.[​IMG]
  16. dirtsailor2003

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    Just saw this post. How'd the stew turn out? Wish I had some venison, been a few years of no tags for me!

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