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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by texasrob, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Hey gang....thinking about adding to the collection of cookers. I have a Masterforge propane and a Kamado Joe Big Joe. I am thinkimg about a WSM. Now for the age old question....22.5 or 18.5. To give some background....its just the wife and I...we sometimes entertain, not often. We are more a ribs, pulled pork, beer can chicken family vs turkey or brisket family.

    I know my gut is telling me go with 18.5...based om our cook the $100.00 and stretch out my charcoal and woos consumption. One of the rea
  2. In my opinion, I'd step up to 22.5. I have an 18.5 and love it but there are just some things that get jammed up in it. Full rib racks, longer packers, etc... Don't believe what women tell you, size matters... lol
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    Texas Rob, looks like you're post suffered from premature ennounciation.

    Just about everyone who has a WSM has the same discussion.  Folks with the 18.5" love them.  Folks with the 22.5" love them.  You won't go wrong with either. 

    It is just my wife and me too.  The 22.5" may use more fuel than the 18.5" but I'm not concerned about that.  I stock up on KBB when it goes on sale for half price during the April to Labor Day holiday period. 

    I only use the top rack the majority of the time. I can throw two full, untrimmed racks of spares on it or a full packer, one of which will probably go in the smoker next weekend when company arrives.  What I like best though is all my oven pans fit in the 22.5", including the large turkey roaster that I fill with veggies and put on the lower rack as a drip pan while the 20 lb turkey is roasting on the top rack on a turkey canon.  I also use 15" paella pans (about a 20" total diameter) almost every time I smoke.  I get very creative using them from drip pans to making pizzas in the smoker. 

    Like I said, you'll be happy with either.  If budget is a big concern, get the 18.5. 

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