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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by carolina smoker, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Finished product.

    Three hours later

    Well got my smoker cured on saturday, and was planning on smoking sunday but the boss (wife) dicided that i should drive 375 miles to get a play set for the kids. So i finally got time to use it today. ive been checking out the forums for good ideas and have found many great ones on here. this is my first time smoking anything so i dicided on ribs. came up with a pretty good rub. Gonna do 3-2-1 deal. But with the foil juice im alittle stuck on. Do you need it? if so whats the simplist to make? anyway ill post some pics as i go. wish me luck. Thanks to the forums for some great info.

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  2. frosty

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    I gotta say it looks mighty tempting so far!  Best of luck on your efforts!!!!
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  3. I used some Budweiser on my last batch. It was easy to make lol just pop the top pour some in with the ribs and the rest into me lol. 
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  4. bkleinsmid

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    Good looking start. To foil or not to foil is is a personal choice. And the juice can be as simple as apple juice or beer. You will find so many ways to do ribs........just means that you will have to try all of those recipes........and eat all those ribs. Tuff job.....but someone has to..

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  5. sqwib

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    As far as Ribs go, foiling and adding juice, in my opinion, is not needed.

    Also with foiling Ribs you may get more of a pullback on the ribs and I honestly believe foiling changes the texture of the rib meat. Don't get me wrong 3-2-1 is great but after quite a few ribs cooks, I have had better results with non foiled ribs.

    However, I always suggest folks starting off with 3-2-1 and going from there.

    I think I am of the minority however.
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  6. Yea im a little wary about foil also. Alot of people swear by it though. Im always up for trying new things so i figured a give it a try.
  7. I do them both ways everytime I wife likes them better when I foil and I like them better not foiled.  I just use plain ole water and it doesnt take a quarter cup...
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  8. We like a bit of crispiness to the edges of the ribs so we do not foil. There are some good benefits to foiling them, more moist, tender, adding foiling sauces, apple juice, beer (see above), etc....
  9. Very nice looking smoke......[​IMG]
  10. I will take this advice because you are a fellow Philadelphian.

    Seriously though, I got some nice racks from the Amish butcher @ Booths Corner.  My girl and I smoked 2 racks in foil for about 3 hrs.  They were ok, but it was my first go.  I don't think i cooked long enough.  Oddly enough we finished the other rack during the week and a just todded the cooked ribs on the grill in foil and must have reactivated some uncooked fat and they were actually better than the first ones.

    Pork has been difficult for me.  I dont think im cooking it long enough after reading a lot of the posts here.
  11. kathrynn

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    Looks good to me!  Keep on Smoking!!!

  12. This was my first go at them in the smoker also. i found that the 3-2-1 method was just about dead on. I plan on playing around with diff ways but for know im gonna stick with that method.

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