The continuing "Battle to Fine Tune"

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  1. So I finally got to get back on the grill yesterday. It rained all day, the day after my first go.

    I thought about everything from my little cook and all of your suggestion here. Temperature problem was on me and my fire box.

    I left the stock rack under the new fire box and I didn't keep the ash knocked out of the bottom. Suffocation.....

    Had a few more leaks to plug up around the cook chamber. I found out how well built my stove is.....grin! I figure the build is about 1/2 inch outta square.

    I used 5/16 rope along the back but it still has large smoke/heat loss. Hope I can find some 3/4 rope!

    Used the tray in the cook chamber upside down for the baffle. While it does work, the thought came to me quit wasting heat, on heating it up as well.

    Searched everywhere here for temp gauges. Finally spent the money on a  Redi-chek wireless therm. It was the only one and the only thing I could find without a 2hr. drive. Its really kewl....LOL

    Sure made a difference. Stock gauge was 50-75 degrees off, just as most everyone has stated!

    Here are my adjustments...  

    Pulled the sfb rack and placed it in the pit like so....

    Then I used left over 3/4 expanded

    Used foil and the water/drip pan....

    Fire box mod....

    Fired up the changes around noon...

    Burnt it at 215 degrees for 4 hrs, Pretty easy to regulate had to add lump bout 40-45 minutes apart.

    Put the chicken breast and boneless thigh meat on at around 210 degrees...

    Absoulutly love the info and help found here!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Great fix....... Thumbs Up
  3. Thanks Dave!

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