The best ribs I will ever smoke....EVER!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hamrhead1971, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. So I pulled these out of the freezer for tomorrow and even though I have never done beef ribs, I can promise you I will never enjoy a rack of ribs more than I will these.
    Two racks of beef backribs.
    And exactly how in the heck, you ask, can I predict that my first attempt at these will be the best I ever cook? Well, two reasons.
    Reason #1. The wife has been out of state for two weeks helping her folks after paw-in-law had surgery and she will be home tomorrow. It has been awful peaceful around here with just me and the daughter since neither of us are big talkers, but I sure do miss Mama.
    Reason #2. These will be my first smoke after the near disaster at work today. I was replacing the entrance drive at the Post Office in Berwick, LA today. Got the first load of concrete of the ground and finished bullfloating it. I went to lean the float handle against a tree to wash it off and lost awareness of my surroundings for a split second. Believe me, when they say all it takes is a split second.... all it takes is a split second.
    Have you ever wondered what 13,500 volts of electricity will do to an aluminum pole? Let me show you.

    And what, you may ask, will send 13,500 volts thru an aluminum bullfloat handle?
    Overhead powerlines!!
    First off, I want to thank the Good Lord for keeping his hand on this poor ole country boy today. THANK YOU, LORD, THANK YOU!!
    Gentlemen, I did an awful lot of crazy and sometimes just plain stupid crap growing up, spent 9 yrs in the Military Police in the MS ARNG and have been in the construction business for 25 years and I have never come as close to cashing in as I did today. Since the end of the handle was 6 inches lower, it missed the outside highline. Since it was on a slight angle, it caught the bottom line which is a neutral, right before it hit the center highline which carries high voltage. This caused it to short to neutral. And since I was wearing both rubber boots and rubber palmer gloves, all I felt was a slight tingle in the milli-second it took me to let go of that damn bullfloat.
    Did I remember to say, "Thank you, Jesus."
    So, my fellow smokers, what are your suggestions to knock these ribs out of the park?

    Smoke it up
  2. Glad you're OK!!!
  3. mr t 59874

    mr t 59874 SMF Premier Member

    My goodness, glad you are OK. There was an angel with you that day.

    Being an adventurist, have you considered hanging your ribs on the bullfloat and going back to the PO?  [​IMG]

  4. smokinal

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    Glad your alive!!

    Smoke them just like spares, 3-2-1.

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  5. Damn, enjoy those ribs, you've earned then!
  6. crankybuzzard

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    Holy crap! My brother in smoke, you are truly a lucky man!

    Yes, those will be some special ribs for sure!
  7. Not many members here smoke themselves! My sister has a PO box in that Berwick post office, I've been in that lot.
  8. b-one

    b-one OTBS Member

    Glad to hear your safe!
  9. Deus es bonum! God is good. Glad you are still with us. I wish I could help you with the ribs, but I can't. Smoke them up good, hug your daughter and kiss your wife and thank the Lord you are all still together.

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  10. My goodness...How long was the pole?..Around my home the electric lines are way too high to reach from the ground.

    Well anyway...I am glad that you are still alive and well.  I think dirty shoelaces would tast good after that ordeal!

    Be Safe and Keep on Smoking,

  11. Thank y'all. To give you an update, didn't smoke the ribs today. Slept in this morning. I realized when I got up that when I fell asleep, I left the ribs thawing in the sink. Normally I woulda been upset for wasting a beautiful 2-pack of ribs, but after yesterday, hey its just a pack of ribs. No biggie...don't let it happen again. Hell, fat dawg likes ribs too, so he was very happy.
    Went ahead and took a pack of spares out they will keep till tomorrow. 25 years of construction is hard on a mans body and pouring concrete, when we do it, is hard on my back. Besides tomorrow is the super bowl. I may go tomorrow and get another pack of beef ribs and makings for abts. I will update for that one.
    On the upside, the wife is on her way home and has our three year old granddaughter with her.
    I had 24 feet of handle, thank God. Less than a foot longer and It would have hit the outside high line first which would have caused it to short to ground, straight down the full length of that handle. Instead, it touched the neutral first and shorted to it.
    On a side note, I placed a $300 order for fiberglass float handles and necessary adaptors today, lmao. I am a pretty fast learner.

    Smoke it up
  12. waterinholebrew

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    First off, someone up above was lookin out for ya man. I'm sure glad your ok... I work for a utility company, generally we're not far from some big power lines... Them things will make the hair on your head, neck & arms stand up if your remotely close. Again, sure glad you was able to walk away...

    As far as your smoke, I'm sure you'll nail them ribs... Beef ribs are just plain awesome ! Thumbs Up Good luck with your smoke, enjoy them with your daughter & wife. Glad she will be back home with you all !

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