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  1. Hi all.  I know this isn't necessary but I would like to thank the Mods, Admin and all persons behind the scenes who are working extremely hard to clean up the mess left by these "cyber attacks".

    You would think these fools would have something better to do.  Maybe try to break a banks security and steal millions.  NO!  These "geniuses" spend time attacking a smoking site.  Like we have a secret recipe we are not sharing!  I'll bet their Moms are SO PROUD!  AND! Mom and Dad paid for the education they are now using for this purpose.  There is money well spent!

    Enough ranting.  Thank you SO very much for the hard work you folks put in.  It is GREATLY appreciated!  Keep Smokin!

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    I completely agree Danny, our Mods on this site are awesome.... Thanks for keeping the site cleaned up Mods !
  3. 2nd what he said

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