Texas Original Pits Pearsall Traditional Flow 1/4 Inch Thick Smoker

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  1. Howdy Folks!

    I'm selling my two month old Texas Original Pits Pearsall 16inch diameter by 32 inch single door horizontal cook chamber with three rack upright smoker. It goes for 1649.00 retail and I still have the bill of sale dated February 1, 2017. It's 1/4 inch thick plate steel and it turns out great Que. It holds even 225-275 temps for hours on end. The only reason why I'm selling is that my wife is firm that it has to go now that I have my Lang 36 hybrid deluxe Patio dream cooker.

    I purchased the 249.00 custom marine vinyl cover as well as the 98.00 angle framed cooking racks. All told this is 1996.00 in value and I'm willing to take a major haircut by parting with it for 950.00. It weighs 520 pounds and it is built to last. It won't burn out on you and it's like New with many years of service left in it.

    Please PM me if interested. I'm even open to lowering the price a bit to account for gas money in driving here to Denver to pick it up. My loss is your gain. This is the deal of the year!
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  2. You can say that again:  wish I was within 300 miles of Denver right about now....
  3. Alrighty, here comes the deal of the next 2 years.  I will drop the price to a slashed-down $750 even.  I know Colorado may be a ways away, but I figured a $200 drop in price can account for some gas money to get here and back.  I will even throw in a sealed bag of Rockwood brand lump charcoal, which nakedwhiz.com ranks as the #1 brand in America!!  Please PM me so we can make something happen.
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  4. Happy Easter Everyone!

    Here's my last whirl with trying to sell my Texas Original Pits Pearsall.  This rig is in terrific shape, being only 2 months old, and having a half dozen cooks under its belt.  I'm going to hate to see it go, but the marriage comes first !!

    To recap, it's $1996.00 in value.  I know most people are far away, but I figured my final--for real final--price drop may entice somebody to bid on UShip in order to get it to their home.  Even with a few hundred bucks spent on shipping, this is still a killer deal.

    I'm cutting the price down to the bone at $600.00 even.  I won't go any lower.  It's less than 30 cents on the dollar for a 2-month-old pit.  I figure this will be my last hurrah and then I can faithfully tell my wife that it's not selling.  I reckon that I may end up being a happier customer if I have 2 cookers anyway--one traditional and one reverse flow.

    PM me, please, and do it soon.  Thanks!
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    I sent a pm, will talk with wife this evening
  6. Hi Folks,

    I've got a buyer lined up for this Sunday April 23rd in the morning.  Thank you all for the PMs and well wishes.  It looks like this thing will be sold, but I don't want to take down the ad until the cooker changes hands. Thanks!

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    I have 2 Trailers lined up at this time and will be at your place by 10 am Sunday, I am sorry for the others that have missed out but do hope to give some great qview later this month.

    COque has been great to deal with, I have been swamped at work but he has kept in contact and let me know the progress on his end, I could have been in better contact but have been tied up and just trying to get a trailer to tote it back home. That has been completed and now its just a matter of getting it from point a to point b.

    If COque ever offers to sell anything again I would highly suggest taking him up on the deal.
  8. Thanks h8that4u !!

    I so appreciate the kind words and the respect is mutual. It warms my heart that this cooker is going to a good home. This thing has many years of good Que left in it.

    No worries at all on the communication . I figure we all have to hit it hard at work to buy the cookers we want!! Take care and I'll see you Sunday morning Sir!!
  9. Sold!! Moderator, okay to take the ad down :)

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