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  1. I have a redi chek BBQ thermometers that I have used for about a year. I just got a BBQ guru party q fan system my question is they are about 20 degrees different how do I know which one to trust ?
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    use the boiling water test... a pot of water on HIGH comes to a rolling boil... stick the tips of both probes in the boiling water... see which one reads closest to 212` (sea level).. do us a favor and update your profile to include your location... this will help us to answer questions better...
  3. I tried the boiling water test and they both went up pretty close together maybe vary one or two degrees. So I'm wondering why sure a gap in the smoker they were right beside each other?
  4. It's not a simple as you may think it may be...yeah, the boiling water test is okay, if you compensate for altitude and barometric pressure....but that doesn't mean the thermometers are still accurate or that they read as expected at high or lower temperatures...that's called linearity....this is why it's good to buy the best and have an accurate reference thermometer to check.

  5. They get weird if they start to go bad, too.  Just last week I was setting up for a smoke, got my Maverick 732 running, and the meat sensor was reading 20° cooler than the grate sensor at ambient (it was about 80° outside).  I placed them both inside the smoker, just on the grate, and as the temperature got to 250° they read exactly the same.  Pulled them out of the smoker, let them cool down, and they were 20° off again.

    Turned off the Maverick, turned it back on 10 minutes later and they both read the same temperature at ambient. Ordered a new meat sensor, and all is right in the world again.

    Not sure that story helps you, but just thought I would throw it out there.

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