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    My first year into smoking. I love the end product, especially ribs the 3-2-1- way using a big WSM. Absolutely delicious. Better than any ribs you can buy at a restaurant.

    My only problem is that in order to maintain the proper temperature, 225 degrees, I have to literally sit next to the smoker for 7 hours opening and closing vents. Very labor intensive. And my wife gets a little upset with me at parties because I am always around back tending the fire.

    I ordered the Pitmaster IQ120 this last week. It's supposed to keep the temp constant without me having to baby it.

    Has anyone had experience with one of these devices? If so, let me know.


    On another equipment questions. I am looking at buying a rib-o-lator with rotisserie ring. This looks like a good way to cook more food in my WSM. Has anyone had experiences with the rib-o-lator?
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    Can't really give you much help with these questions, but I do feel your pain. Part of me find that putzing around the yard while adjusting my smoker is kinda nice...but then there are times (especially during long smokes) that it can be quite tedious.

    I have read about the IQ120, never shelled out the money for it cause it's quite a big expense if it does not completely solve the problem.

    Would love an update after you try it out!

    Rib-O-Lator is kinda cool, but I don't cook ribs enough to justify spending $300.


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